DDoS Protection Solution- an Innovative and Managed Approach for Business Growth!

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

As Distributed Denial of Service-DDoS attacks have come up to be one of the most critical threats to online businesses, the security of the hosting platforms are getting highly complex and sophisticated to handle such threats across operating platforms. The hackers constantly devise new, innovative methods of bypassing any traditional DDoS defences which exist within the systems of organisations large and small. To counter this threat in particular and others in general with better online security, the excellent features of Go4hosting DDoS protection technology enable the development of new systems for holding off the attackers. All the DDoS protection features are quite advanced for enhanced business service quality and safety. With Go4hosting DDoS protection technology in place, users can have fully protected systems with the latest and highly potent anti DDoS features for business security. Go4hosting offers managed and customized business solutions against major technical threats like virus attacks on your software.

Explore Secured DDoS Protection Solutions with Go4hosting!

Go4hosting has precise protection technology mechanisms which consume limited bandwidth in distinguishing between legitimate traffic and DDoS attacks for deciding the blockage of sources of traffic. The highly efficient method of blockage against DDoS and other kinds of attacks is done through managed technological systems for enhancing the end user’s experience. Also, with the help of traffic management functions, Go4hosting offers proactive business protection against any potential attacks.  Not only do we offer higher security levels, but also provide the best services for your business growth. With all these factors secured under SLA contracts, DDoS technology solutions of Go4hosting are most sought after by ambitious businesses.

Modern DDoS Protection System with Go4hosting!

  • Application Layers for DDoS Protection: The application layer for DDoS attacks has gone beyond the network layer attacks that earlier afflicted systems; it has come up as an important business factor for system protection and safety. As per industry reports, more than sixty percent of business firms face attacks on their application layers when they are compared with the network layer attacks. The floods of unwanted traffic caused by the attacks affect processes across the network. Other threats like SSL, DNS and SMTP attacks are also types of existing application level attacks for thwarting the security systems of businesses. Additionally, many online security services are providers of the WAF platforms, as these require add-on WAF services for enhanced DDoS protection.
  • DDoS managed Protection System: The encrypted traffic existing for serving the business processes accounts for a major portion of internet traffic. As per one of the reports on industry protection systems, over seventy percent of business websites can globally deliver the relatively secure HTTPS functions across existing US and German markets.  Almost ninety percent of businesses use SSL, out of which sixty percent have a majority of business traffic encoded using this type of encryption. For huge business traffic management, you can have encryptions to a large extent for the SSL and HTTPS systems, for repelling increased business attacks by the hackers. Almost thirty percent of existing businesses have reported that SSL system attacks occur at a massive level. Hence, the higher the protection against the SSL-targeted DDoS attacks, the easier it is for the business organizations to have completely secured systems.
  • Zero-Day Protection: Nefarious attackers constantly keep on finding the latest methods for damaging the traditional security mechanisms and working against the organizations with the latest attack methods. Just by making little changes for attacking the business signatures, the hackers can easily manage the attacks before being recognized as threats. These attacks have been termed ‘zero-day’ attacks by the industry. To disable these assaults, organizations can rely on manually-tuned and heavily secure solutions of Go4hosting.
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Go4hosting realizes that the DDoS attacks are getting quite complex, so it is important to offer secured protection against such attacks for legitimate traffic management systems. With managed and enhanced application-layer security, the DDoS attacks cannot affect the users or reduce business growth. Mostly, security vendors can manage and detect the probability of software attacks by enhancing the threshold functions.  Also, due to its better capping and sorting of traffic spikes across the systems, Go4hosting’s DDoS protection is a highly preferred feature. Also, the Service Level Agreement (mentioned earlier as SLA) being a contractual business contract, guarantees highly regarded security features.

These security features are essential to manage the costly marketing functions that enhance business growth. Go4hosting offers top-notch and detailed SLA functions to manage your security commitments across all the business metrics. The DDoS protection system operates at its best to offer you complete coverage against complex security scenarios.

Go4hosting offers DDoS Protection Technologies attuned with your business plans for expansion and growth. We offer customised, user friendly business options by offering support across various verticals for business growth. With Go4hosting, you can have the optimum utilization of security plans against DDoS attacks, with an enhanced and higher degree of system customization. All the features are highly customized so that you can have an exquisite business experience with enhanced security functions. Also, Go4hosting operates in deep consultation with DDoS solution architects to achieve an exceptional user experience for your client base.

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