Do not underestimate the importance of network uptime!

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Today, companies across different ambits are embarking on technological advancements like never before. In this transition, cloud and hybrid IT strategies are extending full-fledged support to forward their business growth. After all, cloud is underpinned with all requisites that are indubitable for meeting basic to advanced requirements of businesses of all genres. Well, the whole world is getting digital, and this change is not only confined to some specific processes or a shift from one custom-built to another, but it is happening across industries.

The heading digital technology has enabled organizations to gain agility, serve their customers in a better way; in addition, it has also created multiple opportunities for fastest growth and innovation.  It goes without saying that this transformation is happening in different forms, but how successful a business could be in keeping a pace with these shifts holistically depends on their pragmatism and IT infrastructure. In this regard, forward-looking business leaders outsource some of these resources to a proficient third-party service provider.

A Forgotten Aspect….

In the race to make cloud as their part of business strategy, many organizations forget considering some of the most fundamental aspects. According to Gartner, colocation networking is one of the major aspects behind the increasing cloud adoption rate. Over the past few years, colocation alternative was considered by companies to slash down the overall cost pertaining to space and power. However, the escalating IT intricacies have once again brought the colocation’s focus back on the network. In this regard, the leading research firm Gartner states that colocation helps in bringing organizations in proximity to the network, instead of bringing cloud to the organization.

Colocation as an Extended Growth Tool

Colocation’s benefits are not only limited to cost savings, but also to accelerating business growth. While companies spanning across different verticals are preparing themselves for future, the services of many businesses would be restricted within the four walls of their premises. This would pave the path and demand for interconnected colocation platform.

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What Providers Should Focus Upon…

Colocation hosting benefactors should strive to put their best foot forward to satiate their end-users’ need. They should make sure that their end-users can quickly gain access to the required resources on a fly, in a hassle-free manner, without having to deal with latency, uptime, and accessibility issues.

What Organizations Should Consider…

When teaming up with a colocation hosting provider, businesses should evaluate the competency, and check whether or not the service provider can support their network components. No matter if you are looking forward to take forward a single deployment or trying to deploy multiple clouds for separate workload needs, the network should be the best.

In addition to this, organization should also verify the reliability and uptime factor. Remember, a single minute of downtime can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and can also raise a question on your business credibility. Therefore, always look for a data center service provider that maintains N+1 resiliency throughout its facility and employs the best techniques for seamless work progress.  

Also network connectivity options available at the provider’s end should have the potential to integrate multiple data centers with the help of a broad variety of network connectivity options, such as VPN, MPLS, and Internet bandwidth.

Last but not the least; do not forget to ensure that the vendor has fully-functional and well-documented disaster recovery and business continuity strategy in place to deal with catastrophic circumstances.

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