What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud (VDI Cloud)?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud is when you run a remote desktop on cloud premises. The end device could either mobile, desktop or web application. The virtual desktop interacts as if it were locally provisioned and returns results based on the configuration with which it has been setup.

Process of enabling remote desktop virtualization via cloud computing technology is referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud or VDI Cloud. This model of cloud based service is almost identical to Software as a Service and can also be called as Cloud Hosting Virtual Desktops. VDI Cloud can be divided into two important categories as follows

  • Managed VDI Cloud- It leverages an outsourced managed service via VDI technology
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – This requires a greater level of automation and is implemented as a multi tenant model to mitigate technology associated costs. Providers of DaaS assume total responsibility of hosting as well as maintaining the infrastructure that consists of storage, accessibility, and computing.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud or VDI cloud is delivered through systems that are either based on VDI or Remote Desktop Services. Cloud service providers can offer these service models through private cloud, hybrid cloud or public cloud platforms. Managed VDI is usually implemented as Private Cloud while Desktop as a Service is more inclined towards public cloud.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud or VDI Cloud empowers VDI users with dedicated instances of Windows server 2008 R2 or 2012 R2. It is a great alternative for users of hosted private cloud solutions. Although, customers have been content with cloud desktops offered via shared servers, the needs for a more isolated environment is felt due to applications that are resource intensive and can cause resource availability issues for other users. Some applications require dedicated resources of RAM and processing power. These hurdles can be effectively overcome with help of a dedicated operating system for every user.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud helps save cost by delivering otherwise unaffordable machine in a budget friendly package. It also saves space because the powerful computers often take huge amounts of space. Organizations can have a centralized cloud model and deliver virtual desktops from there. This would allow for better management and maintenance of resources.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud assures individual users availability of dedicated CPU as well as RAM for dealing efficiently with demanding applications. It offers seamless support to applications that depend on dedicated environment.

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