What is WebGUI?

WebGUI is a Content Management System (CMS) and Web Application Framework. While maintaining the ability to create and install custom applications, it facilitates easy content management. Some of its features are:

1. It allows developers to quickly plug-in new functionalities to gain the max from a site. What’s more, even with customization, its standardized plug-in points are able to maintain the upgrade path.

2. It lets the users

• place their content through a drag-n-drop interface

• pick dates, colors, and more

• use its customizable editor to easily and quickly format content

3. It allows the user to work in their native language and publish the content in as many languages as they want.

4. It lets users to see their own view of the site via dynamically generated content and navigation. Also, content can be displayed as per the user’s viewing habits.

5. Setting it up is easy and quick, in minutes than hours, by using the WebGUI Runtime Environment and VMWare Appliance.

Users can perform many functions with WebGUI, such as managing projects, publishing articles, creating photo galleries, advertising and selling products, creating complex data entry forms and interactive event calendars, conducting surveys and polls, selling and maintaining subscription services, managing individual user interface levels, and do so much more

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