What is Wiki Hosting?

Wiki Hosting Service enables user to gain access to tools for building and deploying independent and individually operated Wikis via a server or an assortment of servers. Wiki hosting service providers, offer total administration of servers by installation of Wiki codes and ensure maintenance and operation of these servers. Users are offered space to store and disseminate data to end users.

Is Wiki free or paid?

Wiki hosting can be offered as either free or paid service. Free Wiki hosting is usually an ad-sponsored service. Renowned Wiki hosting services offer seamless access to Wiki tools including DokuWikiMediaWiki, and TikiWiki to users and ensure that their servers are optimized for these tools for hassle free hosting.

What are the various Wiki tools offered in Wiki hosting?

Wiki tools are designed to offer easy and individual access to user friendly administrative panel. Most of these tools are difficult to maintain and the hosting providers perform all maintenance related tasks. Some of the tools such as TikiWiki can be used as efficient tools for collaboration, site building, creation of intranets, and chat rooms due to presence of CMS functionalities.

Users can also count on regular backup features for ensuring data security. Use of the most appropriate version of PHP ensures easy compatibility with Wiki in addition to the latest MySQL versions for efficient handling of requests from end users.

What are the advantages of Wiki for visitors?

Wiki hosting was intended to be open and free-to-edit domain hosting instead of private, controlled-access service. The first and foremost advantage of having an open platform is that it promotes knowledge sharing – one of the most distinguished features of Wiki.

Second, because the knowledge base is open to edit, Wiki promotes community discussions. The bigger the discussions become, more the number of visitors your site attracts. Wiki, thus, leads to additional traffic and enhances SEO characteristics of your website.

Moreover, any user can request for edits and/or add new sections to grow the knowledge base. It is for this reason Wikipedia is such a big and comprehensive platform because its early users contributed a lot to its contents. Allowing users the option to edit and modify content extirpates reliance on internal resources, who can then be utilized for business enhancing exercises.

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