How Can We Host a Completely Static Website on OSS?

The usage of the Alibaba Cloud for hosting of the websites that is made of working a stable and the static content. It includes the client side technology scripts as the HTML, the CSS and efficient usage of the JavaScript.

We will be Using the Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service also referred as the “OSS” for hosting a working of the complete website or internet space. However, binding together of the cloud of Alibaba, will actually ease down your tiring process of working.

For complete hosting of a working and a static made website on the Alibaba Cloud, you can actually complete the whole process of the operations by following simple method:

1. Creation of the bucket for the storage of the data and information of the website files, which are referred to as the images, scripts, and videos.
2. Uploading of your complete file database to your existing bucket.
3. Fixing of your existing bucket to the working Static Website Hosting Mode for its effectiveness.

On completion of the complete operations, the visitors will be actually able to access the complete web site space, so that the bucket elements have a complete access to the system. However, the custom of the working domain name and files, along with the images present can actually be completely read and edited by the presence of the original address.

You must fix a custom name for the functioning system:

After fixing and managing an object to existing bucket. Here you will be able to acquire an object address as well as the other related parts. The two important aspects are the: OSS name address, an object file name. In order to gain the achievable cross-origin or security issues in your business, you are here suggested to have a complete access to the OSS employed. You are here going to have a completely compelled system for adding a CNAME record to have the information of the name of the bucket for obtaining a completely separate name of the domain that is having a name-based access to the working of the OSS.

After the customized name has been fixed with the system success you can here access the addresses of the files which are holding on in your OSS can use the custom name

Here you can complete the process of Binding for an existing domain name:

1. You need to visit the OSS Console.
2. After this you just required to Click on the desired name of the working existing bucket so that the complete system has an entry to the bucket management page.
3. After Selection and opting the Bucket Properties completely, you need to login to the tab having the complete Domain name management under its name.
4. You are required to click on the Adding a complete domain name to the working system. Once the Add a domain page name has been shown working in the system.
5. You can here enter the usage of the domain name which can be used for binding along with the section box.
6. You can here click on the Next option for working. Here you need to add the Name page which is being displayed.

Note: Actually the domain name which you want to fix has the system which is enclosed by the other user completely. The domain name ownership must be completely done by a TXT record.

7. Selection of the completely automatic manual that is done by the addition of the technique which uses your domain name effectively.
8. You must here Click on the Finish option so as to complete the domain name fixing.

Now you have to complete the Verification of the existing domain ownership:

1. Here actually you must wait for the complete system to re-generate a full TXT based file that has the complete information of your system.
2. Then, you are required to Log on to your DNS provider by adding the completely new TXT record base file.
3. You must click on the verify option of the management console. The systems detection of working of the TXT record value for a completely particular file has a lot of working benefits.

You must install a static website for operation:

1. Bucket creation in the system.
2. Uploading of the working files to the existing bucket.
3. Setting up of the existing bucket function in to a completely static website for setting up a hosting mode.

Creation of a new bucket:

1. Login into the OSS Console.
2. After this here you must Click on the Create Bucket option
3. Here you have to actually type the name of your bucket for the reference purpose.
4. After this Upload the files to your existing bucket.

You must complete the Creation of the folders in your existing bucket present:

The Alibaba Cloud OSS does not name its files as Folders however all the system files get stored in objects. Here you actually create an object that has zero as the ending value, to sort the complete file process of working in the effective batches.

Process of working:

1. Log in to console.
2. Click the marked bucket for opening up the complete bucket page.
3. Here you must choose the Object Management .
4. Choose Create Folder.
5. Click on the Submit.
6. Set the existing bucket of the static internet web space hosting file.

For the Operation completion:

1. Log in to the OSS Console.
2. By Clicking on the name of bucket you can here overview the page.
3. Click on the bucket information then you land up to the website.
4. Click on default page then you can Click Set for saving the file.

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