How to process of Installation for the LAMP Stack system?

This method helps us in knowing the process as to how we can actually do the installation of the LAMP stack on the Ubuntu machine:

Introduction of LAMP Stack

The running LAMP Stack system is a mixture of open-source software which allows the individual websites and web servers for effective working. The LAMP is actually a short form that stands for the technologies such as hosting on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. As you being a developer, the Linux is already categorized in the virtual non-public server that is worked by up on Ubuntu. The below steps define a way to install the remainder of the LAMP Stack in easy and simple steps:

Basic Requirements: You are required to have an actively running Alibaba Cloud account.
For Installing LAMP Stack

Step 1: You are required to actually initiate the Launch process of the Alibaba Cloud ECS instance for working of the Linux working.

Here in the Alibaba Cloud ECS management you are provided an optimal support for managing the various running instances. There can be an easy working of the Alibaba Cloud ECS for the Linux machine. Follow the steps for execution of the complete system:

1. You are required to Log in on the Alibaba Cloud ECS Console, where you are forwarded to the main case of dashboard for data storage.
2. Select the Elastic Compute Service that has the header as the Products & Services function. Once reaching the required page, you need to select the Instances option.
3. Creation of the Alibaba Cloud instance. After this you can go ahead with the selection of a payment mode as per the preference of requirements of the customer. The two packages offered to our users is: A Starter Package or an Advanced Purchase.
4. Now go on selecting the Generation tool present in the Choose Instance Type section. Here you are offered a completely unique configuration and data management power.
5. Choice of the Network Type from the options given as: one is Classic Network, second is the VPC. Both are managed on customers’ needs and requirements.
6. Upon Landing up to next page now here you can choose the Ubuntu or any other Linux server simply by one click of the server managed.
7. Here next access the option for setting security password of the working system.
8. Analysis of the offered details to you for having a complete purchase configuration has to be made with changes required. Here Click on the option of the Activate for authorizing and launching the system for your server.
9. Here you can Click on the Manage for managing the complete system of the Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.
10. Locate the related Security Groups from available panel.
11. Analyze the instance which has a permitted Port 80 access from the inbound traffic link.
12. Entering the details upon Clicking OK for the continuation of the process.

Step 2: We need to make the Installation of the Apache Server initially

Apache net server helps in accepted communications along the protocol requests that return from browsers and gives you complete permission for user to serve and access the communications protocol responses.

1. For installing the Apache, access for opening the window by entering the relevant commands.
2. To have a positive and confirmed installation system, you can click on your browser option and choose the server IP address present.
3. The Apache server default access page is set up.

Step 3: Process of Installation of the MySQL

It is in the MySQL which is an open supply direction system accustomed to store and have complete management of the structured working of the data and information. It helps in storing the videos, pictures, and other related as well as different knowledge varieties for user’s benefits.

1. For installation of the MySQL, access for opening the window by entering the relevant commands.
2. We can manage and custom the open source MySQL database management system by the Alibaba database data service that is often referred as the ApsaraDB called as Relational Database System (RDS).

Step 4: Process to do the Installation of the PHP

PHP is works effectively and it stands for a machine-readable text Preprocessor for technology management. It is an open supply scripting language which manages and aids the internet development and used along the presence of the hypertext mark-up language called HTML.

1. For installation of the PHP, access for opening the window by entering the relevant commands.
2. Provide your answer by prompting on the link which actually follows, subsequently PHP installation is done and sent. For managing PHP pages with the Apache server, requirement of PHP addition to the directory is made.
3. Add index.php for working.

Step 5: Confirmation of the Installation achieved:

Sample is set up PHP page handling all of the configurations and data system:

1. For Confirmation of the related PHP, access for opening the window by entering the relevant commands as info.php in /var/www/html depository list.
2. Here by entering the content you can save and exit the file.
3. Lastly enter the website name on internet.

LAMP Stack installation is currently formally completed for your system. The LAMP Stack installation demonstrated as a secured, vigorous, and a holistic system for the positioning and effectiveness of the high-performing internet applications.

Alibaba will add extra and added work for extending the responsibleness and security of our web site in complete working surroundings. We can also have a backup by captivating snapshots of our running data for eliminating the failure of product. The Alibaba Cloud Monitor here provides the users an advanced analytics on essential parameters that actually admires and enhancing the Central Process Unit (CPU) utilization, latency for customization.

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