How to Use PuTTY on Windows


You may download this free open-source software on your Windows from its download page. When you have already created an installation icon on the desktop, you can double-click this to get started. Else, you may need to start the software from Windows Start menu. As it begins, there is a window displayed which is for PuTTY configurations.

This window comes with a left configuration pane, a saving sessions profile pane in the right and an IP address filed option in the center. You simply have to type in your domain name or host IP address and then choose “Open” option. When you are connecting for the first time to a server, you may be shown a security alert box which says that the server key belonging to the host has not been cached in the registry. You can click on “Yes” option to move on.

Following the security alert, you are greeted by a terminal window which appears bland and black and asks for password and username. When you get the command line, you can type in this window to get connected to the server. The server responses are shown in the Windows and the session will be over when you exit this command line. The first configuration window will have many options. The port file indicates the TCP or IP port which you must connect to. When you need to link to a different port, you will have to simply change the value. The connection is by default SSH and is usually not disturbed because it is a safe and encrypted communication protocol. Serial is the serial port for connecting the computers to other peripheral devices.

The load, save and delete stored session section is for saving the settings. So, you must write the new profile name in this Saved Sessions box to save it. In the end, there is a Close Window option which states whether the windows must be closed automatically once the connection is terminated.

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