Cloud Host Providers Are Offering Solutions That Greatly Simplify Operations

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

In very simple terms, cloud computing refers to storing and accessing data and applications over the internet.

In this age of information and communication, cloud computing has made significant inroads as an affordable and robust platform for large scale and even exceedingly complex business applications.

It is already a huge business. The cloud market generated close to $100 billion in 2012, and is expected to touch $ 270 billion by 2020.

The reason for the success of cloud is not surprising.

Cloud is a powerful and ground-breaking exemplar that is offering ubiquitous computing service by abstracting software equipped infrastructure from clients.  It has found appeal among enterprises because it allows for configuration of servers in a flexible way to enable cost effective, scalable and reliable infrastructure.

Businesses no longer need expensive software packages and hardware systems. They can be downloaded from the web by paying the service provider.

Today we are witnessing huge demand for high quality cloud host providers, because they offer easy and bespoke solutions to simplify business operations.  

In India, cloud computing is set to explode. For myriads of startups and small businesses cloud has already become a game changer. The cloud market is expected to touch a whopping $ 3.5 billion equivalent by 2016.

Nevertheless, cloud hosting providers in India are facing unique challenges. One of the key issues is accessibility of the internet, which is limited due to various resource constraints.

Hopefully this problem is likely to be addressed soon.

The optimism is centered on Digital India, an initiative launched in July this year by the present government. The objective of Digital India push is to empower millions of Indians living in remote corners, and enhance economic growth.

In any case, India, driven by technology is emerging as an innovation hub. Our country already has Cloud Host Providers, who have the skill sets, robustness of infrastructures, and managed services to offer entire IT infrastructure in the cloud.

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Let us try to get an idea of how cloud computing is helping IT professionals.

In short, cloud is offering enterprises a way to expand existing capacities and capabilities.

To this end, Cloud Host Providers are making available solutions in the following three formats.

1. SaaS or Software-as-a – Service

This cloud model is extremely popular, as it covers a wide range of services, from simple to complex. Cloud Host Providers host and manage this model by delivering on-demand applications that are generally paid for on subscription basis.

Enterprises find this mode beneficial over on-premise deployments because it affords minimal management and maintenance, better communication and collaboration, and importantly anytime anywhere access. The entire responsibility to provide all essential infrastructure including hardware resources and software systems is with the service provider.

2. PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service

This model is specially designed for software developers. Service providers make available a risk free and robust environment, wherein software tools are hosted by the vendor on a hardware infrastructure.

3. IaaS or Infrastructure –as-a – Service

As the name suggest the service provider offers the entire gamut of infrastructure consisting of various building blocks that can be united to form a customized environment most appropriate for the customer. Cloud Host Providers own and maintain the equipment, while the clients rent out services it needs on a pay per use basis.

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