Enterprises Gear Up For Community Cloud

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

As businesses continue to forge ahead by embracing different cloud computing models, service vendors are incessantly striving to enhance their fundamental architecture. This way they can provide clients with right support and solution after gaining better understanding about their business requirements.

With burgeoning advancement in IT realm, the perfect mix and match of private and public instances to create a secured and powerful cloud environment has become much easier. More and more enterprises are joining hands with vendors offering private and public cloud computing services to create perfect unification of technologies through powerful APIs, virtualization, and connectors.

Recently, technology pundits have projected that in coming years there will be a substantial rise in the adoption of community cloud model. And key drivers behind it are the global regulatory and network security norms followed by the providers across the globe.

Let’s try to understand what is community cloud and how it can help organizations in meeting their varying business requirements:

Due to ever-growing momentum behind cloud hosting technology across different industry verticals, I would say that it is now quite notable that businesses are gauging the potential benefits. Be it seamless collaboration within the community, continuous advancement in capabilities or reduction in IT expenditures.

A community cloud model is a collaborative endeavor, wherein enterprises from a specific community or agencies with common business objectives or needs share infrastructure, such as security, compliance, or authority considerations. The infrastructure can be either managed internally or outsourced to a trustworthy third-party vendor. Hence, the total expenditure is cumulatively shared by the users.

When these agencies have a collective set of requirements and prospective clients, a community cloud enables them to assimilate assets and share computing resources, data, and competencies. By eliminating the replication of analogous systems, agencies can save money and assign their limited resources more proficiently.

Some of the key attributes of the community cloud that businesses can consider are:

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– It is customized according to the common needs of multiple agencies that are capable of meeting their industry vertical specific business requirements like compliance or functionality.

– The services delivered through this next generation technology are process-oriented rather than infrastructure-based services. These agencies can make most of the pay-as-you-go pricing model, as they only have to pay for the resources they have consumed.

– It makes use of hybrid cloud to store mission critical data and sensitive business information within the enterprise-grade firewall, and the less critical information can be stored in the public cloud. The service provider offering cloud hosting solutions ensure transparent disclosure of complete information to their clients.

Hence, make most of the community cloud model to manage all your critical applications and data now more efficiently. Think judiciously and make investment in the deployment model that seamlessly accommodates with your growing business requirements.

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