Cloud Hosting vs Normal Hosting – The real difference

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

The term “cloud” is the most frequently used word when we talk about technology. But still most of them out there are unsure about the real meaning behind it. Is there any specific reason for this technology being so obscure?

Although the tech-savvy are completely aware of the potential that cloud technology holds, for others it is an area still to be discovered. The name “cloud” has not been just given randomly, it is the result after a long thought process by the experts. So just like clouds, you might not know its exact location or what and how is exactly inside a cloud the same is the technology behind the cloud.

It’s intangible and yet so real and prominent in today’s era. It is nowhere close to normal shared web hosting in terms of advantages and value for money technology.

Nowadays when we go to the market, one gets to know about so many different types of hosting plans but the base behind all of these is more or less cloud. So the normal hosting is mainly the shared hosting service and yes there is a big difference between these two.

As most people are not aware of the difference between normal shared hosting service and cloud hosting then how will they be able to select the right one for them. Even a single wrong decision can lead your business to doom. When the person will not be very technologically sound, he or she might fall for any other hosting service that would be cheap and will seem to be the same as cloud hosting. But the benefits of cloud hosting that they are missing out is something they are going to regret afterward

Normal servers are those that are easily being installed inside our rooms and it can be referred to as the physical technology form to store data in-house. It can be installed in any part of your house but the same is not the case with a cloud server. The concept behind the cloud server is totally different, it is a system that is completely managed online.

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The major concern of a cloud server is to store trillions of data online that can be retrieved at any point of time. The best part is that the data can be procured on any system or machine irrespective of its source. People traveling on business trips need not worry about losing or procuring data from any part of the world.

So without wasting any further time lets delve into cloud hosting vs normal hosting.

Scalability – Scalability is something for which a cloud server is known for. Businesses have the tendency and need to scale up or down but mostly up at any point in time. The virtual space that a cloud server consists of has the capability to scale up your business and give it a new edge. Most of the businesses have the capacity to go global but so many of them back out because they are unaware that how cloud technology can help them in shaping their organization in a whole new way. This scalability is not just any scalability; it is on-demand scalability.

This can sound more relatable for people operating their business or work online. There are times when a sudden rise in the demand or followers increase. This increase is sometimes so exponential that the company’s resources will start exhausting. But one cannot compromise in losing such a golden opportunity to live the life of their dream. This is a very commonly happening incident on e-commerce websites.

Bandwidth and data backup   When your data is on a cloud server, then there is no more need to send data or share files through dedicated emails or by sharing through other hefty ways. Sharing of files and data becomes very handy and can be done by just sharing or receiving web links. This way is not just very handy but also saves much of your channel bandwidth. Getting access to data on any of the systems or from an operating system is way easier when it is hosted over a cloud server. The only requirement that it asks for is that the system must always be connected to an internet connection. 

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Your data over the server is always backed up by a copy that has been made and saved at the remote location. It might not sound much of an importance to you, but during times like natural disasters this emerges out to as an angel technology. It makes your data way less vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Value for money- After going through all the advantages and perks over normal web hosting, you might think that cloud server hosting will cost anyone a fortune. But the reality is a bit different. Cloud server hosting is the most value for money technology one can ever ask for. There are quite a few reasons for its cost-effectiveness. But out of all lower electricity bills is the topmost one. Cloud server hosting does not ask for any local electrical power, unlike traditional web hosting. Although some would find dedicated cloud hosting a little steep the shared cloud hosting can be the cheapest way to host your data.

Running a website and business is not easy when you have not signed up for an appropriate hosting plan and starting a new one is even more hectic. Also running a website from your local machine or server sounds a very terrible idea on its own. Risking the potential of your business would be the last thing you would want. In theory, everything sounds good but when it comes to practical application, there are so many factors to be taken care of. You need to be an expert starting from setting it up and running the website and handling other glitches that might appear along. Also, the limit to the home internet connection passes as soon as the customers start to shoot. Moreover, why to worry about these problems when you have a business to take care of. Just go for your reliable cloud server hosting provider and continue with excelling in your business

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