Choosing the Best Data Center Services in India

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Selecting the top data center services in India is not an easy task because you will find many data center providers in the country. However, it is necessary to understand your own data center requirement before signing up with any provider. This is because a data center service is an ideal solution for smaller businesses which find it hard to maintain a private data center; for larger corporations, maintaining on-site data centers is not an issue. So, while choosing data center services in India, you should carefully consider many important factors:

  • To start with, location of the data center provider is of utmost importance when choosing a colocation provider. For instance, the data center services in India that you choose should not be located at too great a distance from your business. When the distance is too great; you will end up paying huge transportation costs for sending manpower to the site to carry out repairs and upgrades.
  • Moreover, the data center should not be located at a place which is known to be prone to natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes etc. These threats may cripple the infrastructure and functions of the data center making it inoperable.
  • Since the key to data center functioning is communications, it is important that the company has excellent fiber connectivity. So, the data center location must have multiple carriers to guarantee redundant connections that will ensure uninterrupted power supplies.
  • Data center electricity expenses have escalated drastically in recent years and this means that you must choose data center services in India that can provide high-density power.
  • The data centers must also be located in sites which are easily accessible. So, IT suppliers and hardware manufacturers should be able to supply men and materials to the facilities without delays. Air connectivity is desirable to ensure that support staffs can be sent faster to deal with outages.
  • The data center services in India that you have shortlisted should be able to offer you with scalable hosting solutions. In other words, they should be able to offer you additional space, power and cooling facilities if required. Different providers will offer different degrees of flexibility and scalability; while some can offer innovative solutions, others will only provide the standard solutions. It is therefore necessary to select a provider which lets you scale up and down your resources depending on your demands.
  • When choosing data center services in India, you need to consider how reliable they are. Reliability is evaluated in terms of their uptime guarantee. You need to review their Service Level Agreements to be sure of this guarantee; you must also check for customer feedbacks, staff certifications and on-site support systems.
  • When choosing a provider, it is also necessary to select one which can deploy the resources quickly. Businesses are always in a hurry to set up the new space and networking equipments; so, deployment efficiency is a rather significant criterion when choosing a data center provider.
  • Finally, you will not want to choose data center India services that are new in the industry and may shut down their operations after a few years. You should ideally check for the company’s financial stability by reading through financial reports and press releases to understand how viable it is.
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