Why Should You Look to the Green Data Center?

Sep 27,2022 by Akash Jaiswal
Green Data Center

In this age and day, there is a continuous enhancement in the requirement of new data storage along with the awareness of green environmental protection. This is why the green data center has been developed in the concept of enterprise construction. 

Although your newly retained data will be cooled, protected, and transferred more efficiently. Consequently, organizations are becoming more concerned about the high energy requirements of their data centers. And, it provides both cost and sustainability concerns. The growing trend of green data centers can be regarded as the use of sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Green Data Center – A New Trend

Similar to a regular data center, a green data center hosts servers to manage, store, and propagate data. It is developed to reduce the impact on the environment by offering maximum green efficiency.

Although internal system configurations and technological advancements can drastically cut energy usage and carbon footprints for organizations. Whereas green data centers nevertheless have many of the same characteristics as standard data centers.

Cloud services, cable TV services, Internet services, colocation services, and data protection security services are just a few of the services. Furthermore,  they are required to support the internal development of a green data center. 

A lot of companies and carriers have cloud services in their data centers. Some companies would also be forced to depend on unbiased carriers to deliver Internet and associated services.

With the growing demand for data storage in modernized data centers, power and cooling storage are equally important. On the flip side, some businesses must finish the construction of cooling facilities and server cleaning using a large amount of water, all of which provide ample opportunities for the green data center market. Data centers must convert nonrenewable energy into electricity, resulting in rising electricity costs.

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Did You Know?

“The global market for green data centers has reached $59.32 billion in 2021 and expected at a CAGR of 23.5% through 2026”, according to the market trends. Additionally, it shows how the expansion of green data centers hastened the switch to renewable energy sources.

What are the Factors that are Responsible for the Pervasiveness of Green Data Center?

Here, we have enlightened a few factors that are responsible for the pervasiveness of green data centers. So, let’s examine them!

1. In the US and Europe, shifting the paradigm from non-renewable to renewable energy sources.

2. In Singapore and UK, Government’s push for minimizing PUE.

3. Across Europe, electric tariffs have risen.

4. Enhancement in data along with the awareness of environmental safety.

What are the Leverages of Green Data Center?

Across the globe, with the growth of enterprise data center development, the concept of green data centers has also grown. Numerous enterprises prefer alternative solutions of energy for their data center that brings several benefits to the business. 

Well, numerous charming gains are associated with green data centers. Some of them are the following. So, let’s come to the points directly.

1. Cost Effective:

By using renewable energy through advanced technologies, green data centers reduce power consumption and business costs. Shutting down servers that are undergoing maintenance or upgrades can also aid in lowering energy usage. And it also helps in keeping the facility running expenses underline.

2. Environmental Friendly:

Data center sustainability can be achieved by reducing the environmental impact of computer gear with the help of green data centers. Modern data centers must use new hardware and software to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement. 

The power consumption of these new server devices and virtualization technologies is lower. And it is better for the environment and profitable for data center operators.

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3. Reasonable Utilization of Resources:

In the way of environmental sustainability, green data centers permit users to make better use of resources. And that includes physical space, heat, and electricity by integrating internal facilities of the data center.

Although achieving the rational use of resources, it promotes better operations of the data center.

4. Enhancement of Enterprise Social Image:

These days, users are more interested to solve environmental problems. Whereas green data center services aid the users to solve problems more efficiently without affecting performance. Many clients already consider ethical business practices to be a selling point. By building green data centers, businesses raise their social standing by complying with the laws, rules, and regulations of the relevant regions.

5. Saves Energy:

The goal of green data centers is to use less energy while requiring less expensive infrastructure to meet cooling and electricity needs. Sustainable or renewable energy is a consistent and abundant source of power that can drastically lower power consumption efficiency (PUE). 

Businesses can use electricity more effectively by reducing PUE. Colocation services can be used by green data centers to cut down on costs. And, it is associated with corporate cooling systems, server utilization, and water usage.

How to Create a Green Data Center?

Here, we have enlightened the following series of green data solutions. So, let’s have a look at them!

1. Extension of Virtualization:

With the help of virtual technologies, organizations can build virtualized computers. And also, can run several applications along with the operating system through fewer servers. It aids in the realization of the construction of green data centers.

2. Use of Renewable Energy:

To generate energy for power backup, businesses can utilize wind turbines, solar panels, or hydroelectric plants without affecting the environment.

3. BMS and DCIM Systems:

Data center administrators may find and document ways to use more efficient energy, helping data centers become more efficient and achieve sustainability goals, with the use of DCIM and BMS software.

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4. Activate ECO Mode:

Setting the alternating current UPS to eco mode is one method to go green. This setup can reduce PUE and considerably increase data center efficiency. Businesses can also recycle their equipment, which saves money and keeps the planet from being polluted.

5. Enhanced Cooling:

Managers of the physical infrastructure of data centers can use straightforward cooling strategies like hot aisle/cold aisle arrangements. By purchasing air handlers and coolers and installing economizers that draw outside air from the environment, green data center cooling systems can be developed.

What to Consider While Choosing Sustainable Data Center for Your Business?

Sustainability is no longer a choice for companies competing in a cutthroat market; it is now a must. Businesses can have a major impact by moving their workloads to a green data center provider because data centers contribute about 3% of the world’s emissions.

While selecting the sustainability needs of a green data center, enterprises should consider the following things. So, let’s come to the points directly.

  • The sources of renewable energy should be available for enterprises to power their hardware.
  • The facility needs electrical overhead to handle the enterprise’s IT load.
  • The geographical location of the data center is important for sustainability, as are current climate trends and the availability of renewable energy.
  • Other sustainable practices are used at the site in addition to electrical efficiency.

Wrap Up:

In this era of digitalization, a green data center is the trendiest revolution in the field of data centers. Although it provides several gains to businesses that you never imagine. Here at Go4hosting, we are offering the best green data service. We provide data center service from several locations that include Noida, Jaipur, and Raipur. 

So, if are also seeking something better in the data center, you can reach our experts at Go4hosting. Or, else you can drop us an email at [email protected].

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