Green Data Centers- The Future of Data Centers

May 04,2022 by Neha Dubey
Green Data Centers

A green data center, also known as a sustainable data center, is a type of data center in which the infrastructure is designed to be highly energy-efficient while having a minimal environmental impact. 

In this article, we will explain what Green Data Centers are, the components of Green Data Centers, green buildings certification, green computing, and a lot more. 

What are Green Data Centers? 

Green Data Center is going to be a new norm soon. Today, more and more businesses prioritize energy efficiency to reduce data center costs; they are turning to suppliers with a strong sustainability strategy who can deliver cost-effective, environmentally friendly data center choices. And, we always make sure to provide our clients with what they desire. These eco-friendly data center utilizes advanced technologies and infrastructure.

Data centers consume a lot of energy. According to industry estimates, data centers consume between 3-5% of the world’s total energy, which is too high for that matter. According to a survey, power density per rack has gone up since 2013. Now is the high time to look for eco-friendly ways to reduce data-center power usage and create more energy-efficient solutions to create a balance. 

Nowadays more and more companies are striving to lower the carbon footprint of their data centers as much as possible by coupling them with renewable energy sources. It will significantly reduce overall utility expenses connected with nonrenewable resources. Renewable energy sources will help reduce the overall power consumption efficiency (PUE). A lower power utilization efficiency (PUE) helps the firm to use electricity more efficiently. 

Moreover, the green data center will allow entrepreneurs to store enough corporate data safely, which will boost their efficiency and productivity. After all, is said and done, it will help them have lower operating costs as well.

What are the components of a green data center?

There is a way to make every component of a data center more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, from its construction to how it is staffed.

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A green data center relies on efficient storage technology. Find out how to make your storage more energy-efficient.

It is essential to design components that are energy efficient and environmentally conscious whether an existing or new data center is being constructed. Organizations can use many design tools available that can help them design eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure. 

A green data center should have the following design components and considerations:

Proper cooling facility

The placement of data centers has to be in a way that enables hot air to be easily pumped out to air conditioner returns and cold air to be directed where it’s needed for cooling.

Energy-efficient servers

Data centers benefit from these servers. Traditional servers consume more energy, whereas these servers are useless.

Modular data centers

It is possible to quickly set up these energy-saving data centers almost anywhere. This is sometimes referred to as a “data center in a box.”

Evaporative cooling

The evaporation of water is a method used by various technologies to reduce heat.

Upgrade to new equipment

While legacy equipment was not manufactured with energy efficiency in mind, as it degrades, it requires more efficiency to operate. Due to dramatic changes in the technology landscape, legacy infrastructures also need to be upgraded to improve energy efficiency.

Turn off dead servers

It is common for companies to purchase or receive additional rack space when choosing a data center. In the absence of customer demand, these servers consume power but do not perform any work for the customer, so they are in essence “dead”. Providers of data center services can go green by shutting down these power-consuming dead servers and only turning them back on when needed.

Reduce carbon footprint

Choosing renewable energy sources, recycled materials, or reclaimed cooling water can help reduce carbon footprint at green data centers.

Perform server virtualization

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One computer can handle the tasks of several computers in a virtualized environment by using a software layer. This can be accomplished by distributing the resources of a single computer in a virtual environment. By using virtualization, it is possible to deploy several operating systems and applications on fewer servers, thereby reducing the size of the data center.

Use advanced technology

The technology behind green data centers uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate data center processes (to conserve energy when the centers are not in use), forecast power usage, analyze data outputs, and measure various features such as temperature, humidity, and cooling processes. The process of integrating software can be costly and time-consuming, but there are a variety of benefits, such as increased efficiency, lower costs, and reduced power usage.

Certification systems for Green Building

Building certifications are a way to rate the performance of a building or a project while keeping the environment in mind. LEED, ISO 50001, and ISO 14001 Energy Management Standards are some examples of building and energy certifications. BREEM (UK) is a method of analyzing the environmental impact of buildings. In the USGBC’s LEED for data centers rating system, racks, storage systems, and other IT infrastructure capabilities are considered as part of the rating system design.

What is Green computing?

Reduce the carbon footprint of the data center and improve its sustainability by implementing green computing practices. Analyze and forecast power consumption over time. Right-size servers to prevent underutilization and energy waste. Ensure that temperatures are controlled to keep HVAC systems at a low load. Reconfigure the layout of the data center to optimize energy consumption and temperature, or replace legacy equipment with newer, more energy-efficient equipment.

Consider a smart facility management platform powered by artificial intelligence for broader management. Research and partner with other green organizations to develop new and upcoming green technologies.

Green data centers are the way forward

Data centers will be around for a long time. The proliferation of IoT, ML/AI, 5G, edge computing, and several other technologies will drive the generation of more data, driving the need for data centers. 

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It will soon be a must for companies to implement energy-saving strategies within their data centers.

AI and machine learning will enhance ROI* and ensure a safer environment by integrating them into green data center initiatives. Going green is aggressively becoming a necessity and less of a suggestion, especially with several companies stating that they will be carbon neutral in another 20-30 years (like Amazon and Microsoft).


Green Data centers can revolutionize the data center industry in lot many more ways than you can ever imagine. For the best data center facility, you can also contact us at Go4hosting. We have data center facilities established in Noida, Raipur, and Jaipur. 
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