Internet of Everything(IOE) Guarantees a Perpetually Connected World

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Internet is driving connectivity and is the foundation of getting connected to each other by leveraging internet enabled devices such as desktops, laptops, and smart phones to name a few. Internet does not only connect humans to humans. It also establishes communicability between machines. This type of extended connectivity is termed as Internet of Things or IoT.

IoT does not specify online or offline modes that are important aspects of connectivity. Internet of Everything offers a broader perspective than Internet of Things. It completely disregards the offline mode and takes into consideration only the networked connection of all aspects of internet connectivity. It spans virtually every connected object such as humans, data, processes, devices, objects, appliances, and items to name a few. 

Highlights of Internet of Things(IOT)

Internet of Everything (IoE) connects objects that are commonly used in day to day situations. Objects or items that are connected to internet need to be intelligent and powered with high end digital features. Consider a car remote that can be used to locate or operate car locking system and ignition via internet from any place on the globe. 

Items that are to be part of IoE must have exclusive features that result in extended functionalities and more number of applications. These objects are required to have greater sensing and processing efficiencies. IoE encompasses objects that are able to communicate via internet and also the individuals who are involved in operating such objects.

Internet of Everything creates a larger landscape of all components of Internet including the connections and services that are providing connectivity between objects and devices. Basic idea of IoE gives rise to multiple opportunities. 

IOE Differs from IoT

Internet of Things refers only to the objects that need to physically exist to get connected via internet. Hence a smart phone or a smart watch is part of the Internet of Things. We are referring to physical objects when speaking about IoT. 

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We should also understand that there are many other aspects that need to be taken into consideration while thinking about internet. Internet also consists of websites, search engines, and platforms that may not physically exist, but are certainly part of the physical space that encompasses these. 

Google and FaceBook cannot exist physically like a smart phone or smart-watch, but are part of Internet of Everything. Hence the data streams that need to travel from one computer to another are also important components of Internet of Everything. IoE is a well defined package of all components that are contributing to or depending on internet including the internet itself. 

Contribution of IoE in Connecting All Things

Connectivity is a constantly evolving technology. We are witnessing the advent of 3G, 4G, and other services including Bluetooth and WiFi. These are contributing towards establishing more efficient connectivity between objects and human beings. In order to connect everything, Internet of Everything has to leverage multiple technologies and applications. 

IoE encourages development of new class of services. It is imperative that the applications and objects that are connected via internet are able to perform efficiently and are offering extended functionalities. IOE is not only able to connect all things but also involved in adding value to things that are being connected. 

IOE takes connectivity to the next level by being extremely flexible and consistent. It can be used in more intense applications that have zero tolerance for failures such as healthcare, airlines, or defense. In order to extend functionalities of devices or objects, one needs to tweak connections to make sure that these are used on multiple devices. This will lead to advent of technologies such as Long Term Evolution Advanced or Wi-Fi to push the boundaries of connections.

Impact of IOE 

Internet of Things is going to transform everything around us because it aims at connecting everything and make the globe a closely intertwined system. It will change the way we connect with things and will cause considerable impact in all aspect of lives.

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IoE will ensure that tasks are accomplished much faster because everyone will be able to access information with a single click. Young generation will have a leeway in employment market due to excellent adaptability to Internet of Everything. 

Demand for better security and better technology will keep IT personnel on their toes. It will also create lot of new job opportunities in IT sector. Internet of Everything will improve industrial growth prospects as well. 

Practical Applications of IOE 

IoE has been able to make great strides in medical field. Healthcare service providers are able to offer faster and more effective services to patients and care givers. Doctors are able to access patients’ health records faster than ever. In short, Internet of Everything has improved accessibility and availability of many public sector services. 

In manufacturing sector such as mining and automobiles, Internet of Things has bought about greater efficiency and safety. Many organizations have been able to replace their legacy communication systems with advanced connectivity solutions.

Internet of Everything is poised to bring the world together by connecting everything so that everything will be always ‘on’. It is a giant leap forward in Internet connectivity and has imparted a global perspective to communicability by accommodating each and every component of Internet and everything connected to it. 

Internet of Everything has surpassed Internet of Things by not only improving connectivity but also by enhancing efficiency and functionality. IoE is responsible for generation of new job opportunities and advent of novel applications as well as devices.

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