Selection Criteria for an IaaS Provider

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Cloud trend is in. Almost every business is endeavoring to make this technology a part of their IT delivery system. Amidst different cloud models, more and more businesses are turning to cloud’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model to leverage IT capabilities on a pay-per-use subscription basis. With the increasing rate of IaaS adoption, the number of IaaS providers are eventually getting high. Vendors seem to be in a race to differentiate themselves from their close rivals by developing developer-friendly features that augment the agility of end-users. Typically, every cloud hosting India service provider offers core network, cloud storage, and computing capabilities with compelling pricing. What sets an influential vendor apart from others are services encompassed with the potential to augment the development cycle by narrowing down the intricacies associated with scalability, orchestration, fail over, and automation.

This blog attempts to highlight pointers that help organizations to discover a right IaaS provider:  

Across the board, IaaS initiatives are in highlights. Over time, the value proposition of IaaS is increasing owing to its capabilities. According to a recent research report by IDC, around two-third of respondents are either already leveraging or planning to use IaaS by the end of this year. However, it is important to ensure that the provider follows the best practices to move your business needle.

Join a Trustworthy Partner: It is important to look that your IaaS provider complies with your standards, governance as well as security imperatives. If you have chosen IaaS benefactor to keep your data, then it should be stored in a way that no data breaches or infringement can take place. There are a plethora of vendors who claims to be one of the hosting service providers when it comes to performance and security, however they fail while fulfilling their promises. That’s why, before signing up the contract, make sure that the agreement clearly lists and explains policies and procedures with respect to data privacy, governance, and security protocols.

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Not Easy Exit: The history of the IT world is all about creating lock in, which means you can’t leave them before completing the stipulated tenure – no matter how good their service was at the beginning and how worst it has become at present. To be precise, it is indispensable to ensure that the IaaS provider offers service level agreement on migrating data and apps out of as well as into IaaS. You never know when you need to switch the vendor, so better have a look on this aspect prior to doing business with them. 

Active Support: Most of the enterprises have a team of IT professionals to manage their data and applications. These organizations collaborate with IaaS vendors to leverage computing capabilities of cloud. Let me come to the point, businesses should first decide what kind of data and applications they are looking forward to move to an IaaS vendor and how their internal IT team is going to manage that. They need to comprehend that whether moving some specific applications or data center means that they also need to move some of their professionals to IaaS provider’s facility; or they need to make changes in the policies allied to application development and testing; or they need to implement changes in their existing disaster recovery strategy? Before making a move, bear these aspects in mind.

Full-proofed Vendor: Impulsive decisions won’t be of any help. Before you sign the contract, it is important for you and your company to look at service provider’s experience, list of their clientele, the uptime they offer, and security controls they have in place. In addition to this, also ensure about the frequency of IT and security audits they go through. Don’t believe in verbal commitments, let it be on papers. It should be properly documented.

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Resources & Pricing:  It is always sage to partner with a vendor with a global footprint. Another pointer that you need to give due attention is that the vendor employs multiple telecommunication networks in place and offers service level agreement on the speed and quality of service. Remember, if your data or applications are not accessible to your users, what you will do then? Thus, make a leap after thoroughly analyzing the provider’s ability. Next point – Pricing. Most of the IaaS vendors charge users on monthly basis or on a pay-per-use basis. In order to avoid any further complexities, businesses should regularly review their billings and make sure that they are not paying more than what actually needs to be paid.

The move to IaaS will completely transform data and applications landscape and the way IT works. As the market will mature, this robust cloud model will become an integral cloud model for almost all.

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