Hot Digital Trends to Look for in 2017

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

In spite of an array of annoying events, bad news, or natural calamities during the year 2016, there have been significant technological advances that proved to be silver lining.

These technological developments are poised to influence myriad aspects of work, play and life. One of the most noticeable developments has been in the domain of virtual-reality as it resurfaced with a bang and is sure to drive ahead in full stream in this year. 

Smart phones, smart homes, virtual assistants, and IoT are just few of the examples of how technology is set to change lives of individuals in years to come. In the complex world of new technologies, we should keep track of five most significant trends to simplify our understanding.

Welcome IoT and goodbye hub 

Considerable time has already lapsed since the advent of Internet of Things or IoT. In spite of the amazing advantages of the same, it has failed to garner expected support. The major roadblock in widespread adoption of IoT is the lack of interoperability. 

Internet of Things is conceptually supposed to connect wide array of devices to facilitate a homogenous of interconnected devices that enjoy compatibility with each other and obviate the need to leverage a centralized hub. Unfortunately this has only remained as a dream. 

In order to understand multiple limitations of implementing Internet of Things, we can consider case of a smart home. Any seasoned user of smart home system can confirm that presence of a wireless router designed to handle additional technologies for establishing communications is not a right approach.

This is because, technology has now made it possible to design a myriad of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave to name a few. Add to these availability of platforms for smart homes including security platform by ADT, Iris by Lowe’s, Wink or SmartThings among others. 

The multiplicity of systems and platforms underlines the fact that the days of centralization are now over and an idea of a hub would soon be perceived as an obsolete concept. 

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However, things are easier said than done because there are several smart home platforms that would not support certain smart devices or gadgets. Additionally, a smart hub can prove to be a disaster in case of its failure because the entire smart system will cease to perform in moments. 

In terms of smart and affordable networking technologies, the good old Wi-Fi can be a great resource for networking and by combining the same with routers one can expect to gain ample space for managing a connected smart home. It must be noted that for assured compatibility, recent smart home gadgets are powered by Wi-Fi.

Interoperability between diverse devices is going to be Holy Grail of manufacturers as they will strive to design devices that are able to inter-operate between each other. 

Emergence of artificial intelligence and automation

Automation will take over a multitude of tasks including news reporting and smart gadgets will enhance their learning skills by studying preferences of users. This will help users take precise decisions with help of correct recommendations. 

Pizza delivery boys will have to make room for drones that will be assigned delivery in record time as Amazon has already started experimenting on such a possibility. As the technologies surge ahead to remove human touch offered by services, protesting voices will go on becoming louder and louder to oppose the automation technology that will eat into thousands of jobs.  

Emergence of synthetic food

If you consider the case of Soylent, then you will appreciate that the chances of our natural food getting replaced by a synthetic counterpart are extremely bright. Synthetic food variety will also be able to solve the problem of dwindling natural resources, by feeding the bursting population with artificial food substances. Companies including Impossible Foods have been successful in developing burgers that bear amazing resemblance to the real burgers.

Add to this the efforts for growing eggs and meat in laboratories that are sure to yield remarkable results in very near future. 

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Commercial production of 3D Printers

Three-dimensional or 3-D printing technology has made remarkable progress and is on its way to become affordable to masses. There has been a significant reduction in prices of three D printers that can be purchased for $ 200 and above. This is almost half of what these used to cost only a year ago. 

We can now look forward to a three-D printer will finding its place in an up-market gift shop and more and more people deciding to present these marvels as new-year gifts. 

Welcome to the virtual world

We have already experienced the augmented reality games such as Pokémon and chances are very bright for advent of a virtual world. It is possible to focus your special camera and find detailed information about the object without typing keywords for search. 

These are only few of the hot and happening trends for 2017. If you keep your eyes and ears open, then you are sure to notice more and more new technologies being developed into commercially viable projects.

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