Kick off Learning With Minecraft Renewable Energy Lessons

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

The ongoing corona pandemic has brought life to a halt. With schools closed there aren’t many ways to indulge your child in fun, learning activity. While most parents have complained of their children diving into unending gaming spree, some have instated strict gaming rules. As a student myself, I strongly believe learning cannot be forced. All we need to do is find ways to make it fun and spark learning.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Minecraft teamed up with Europe’s largest sustainable energy innovation powerhouse, EIT InnoEnergy. No, you aren’t building thermal power plant but your child is. Minecraft has brought to us the Lumen City Challenge and the Lumen Power Challenge.

Why stay away when town and cities around the world are busy investing in building alternative energy sources. Theses challenges have been released keeping in mind the changing landscape of learning. STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) outside classrooms can involve significant learning curves. If the pandemic continues for long, the very foundation of these courses will only have a vague picture in your child’s mind. We know how much love Minecraft has had in the global community, pivoting on the fact that the game sparks an epiphany towards learning. Building climate resilience and reducing humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels are two immersive world problems. In the two challenges Minecraft servers have added to their bucket, you can expect your child to explore various power sources and solve his (Minecraft) world’s energy crisis.

The game goes beyond the concept of normal gameplay, where all that appears is just VFX. Outcomes in the Lumen Power Challenge will involve mathematics in the background. The possibilities are endless.

Learn wherever you like

For students with schools closed due to the ongoing pandemic,  the Lumen Challenges will be a fun way to utilize Earth Day and bring virtual classroom at home. You need no add ons or mods to run the Lumen challenge – the existing Minecraft server shall work pretty well.

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The challenges are available for free in both Bedrock Players and Education Edition Minecraft – in the in-lesson library. However, you must free some server space to do so. Users with plenty of space already need to worry. If you need help on how you can access the library in Minecraft read from the box below.

What is the Lumen City Challenge in Minecraft Servers?

The Lumen city challenge will indulge players (majorly students) in a city and hold them responsible for maintenance and installation of energy resources while managing cost and sales. You can either choose high-cost sustainable energy – wind, solar, hydroelectric – or the cheap but damaging conventional energy sources. The developers have also carefully put in place a tax system that players could use to budget development projects. As it goes in the real world, too high a tax rate would leave citizens unhappy, while too low a tax would fail to garner enough funds required for civic developments.

As a player it is up to you to decide whether you want a high-tax, low-happiness model or vice versa. While playing, you should strive for striking the perfect balance that always has enough money for civic developments and the citizens aren’t unhappy either.

One way to keep people happy is by constructing commercial brands, residences and recreational infrastructure, so a part of the tax collected could be brought to use in such projects. All these information get tracked and relayed at the town center, where students can monitor the city’s health and respond to the scarcity of any commodity. As said previously, it is a matter of how well you are able to strike a balance. Remember, a great township must work in harmony with its citizens and be booming with beautiful buildings and equally well-constructed fun space.

While your kid tries to build his city into a happy one, he’d learn to take responsibility and also simultaneously immerse in resource-management. The Lumen City Challenge in Minecraft serves is a win-win for both parent and students. Quite possibly, your child would also become aware of the overhauling energy crisis and start to appreciate what nature has gifted. The game demands students to up their cognitive ability, making them more intuitive than impulsive.

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Running Lumen Power Challenge in Minecraft Server

Game-wise both Lumen Power and City challenges are alike except that the former players explore a prebuilt town that requires serious infrastructure upgrade. Since it is a power challenge the infra would only involve wind turbines, solar panel, nuclear reactor and what not. Spoiler alert – some of these might need thorough repair work.

Whether working on the inner linings of a nuclear reactor or flying to the top of a wind turbine, each environment will challenge you to the extreme, and you’d learn the pros and cons of each power source. If I were to pack that much information in a book, it would certainly take more than a hundred pages and no student would even skim through it.

For children below 10 years, nuclear reactors might seem too much to learn already, but given the bigger picture, there is still a lot to learn for this age group. How do fans, ACs, and lights work? How is electricity transmitted? Why is there such a hype regarding sustainable energy? Your kid would learn answers to these questions and would learn it better than his course books. Besides, since Minecraft needs players to learn a few lines of codes too; your kid would code at an age his peers be learning Microsoft Paint.

Click here to learn how to setup a Minecraft Server

Minecraft Servers – Student Build Challenge

Recall when was the last time you heard of a game so determined to take learning to the level it released mods. Just a couple weeks back ended the March Monthly Build Challenge. It took creativity to an unprecedented level. Students were asked to replicate the season in their region onto their game-world. Twitter was loaded with tons of awesome builds, some of them so satisfying, nobody believed kids created them. Below, I have compiled several builds that I found pleasing.

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What role does a Minecraft server play in build challenges?

Big dreams take bigger processors. Your computer is only as good as its RAM & processor and Minecraft, only as good as your computer. If you are planning to go big, a desktop might not be able to handle that much processing simply because it isn’t built for it. So, what now? Would you let your creativity sink because your machine could not cope with it?

That’s why Go4hosting builds personalized Minecraft servers for every need. Whether you are a serious gamer or an amateur killing time, we have the server for you. There are no mod-restrictions – run whatever version you feel comfortable playing. Setup a Minecraft Server with Lumen Power Challenge now!

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