Key Factors to Boost Web Optimization

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

In an ideal situation web hosting optimization should be included as one of the essential tasks in processes of maintenance and web development. However, it is commonly ignored by webmasters. Optimization of web hosting can lead to remarkable improvement in traffic and bring additional revenues if it is performed properly. Page load times are found to significantly impact visitor experience for conversion of visitors into leads or buyers. Your site’s traffic can be reduced by a whopping 20 percent if there is a mere half second delay of page loading.

Mitigation of third party assets

It is a common practice for all websites to request local files including a multitude of third party assets such as Cascading Style Sheets/HTML and images. Such assets need to find data from a third party server and can result in significant delay in page load times. The load time can be minimized by reducing the volume of third party assets that are loaded and only by caching the data. You can use high performance tools such as GTmetrix for evaluation of multiple assets that are to be loaded by your site.

Additionally, separate hosting of web components such as graphics, is not mandatory but it does improve stability of server especially during the traffic surge.

Exploit benefits of page caching

It is easy to load your website assets by using page caching technique, which is by far the fastest alternative for loading assets. It not only speeds up page loading but also helps optimize your site for search engines.

Using GZip for compression

Since page load times are essential for determining page ranks, you need to take steps for reduction of image file’s size as well as pages. Since contents are travelling from server side to user side as well as from user side to server side during an HTTP request, the overall time required for processing every request can be minimized by compressing the content.

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Choosing the option of GZip can help you achieve compression on the server side. Use of GZip varies for different types of servers such as mod_zip for Apache 1.3, mod_deflate for Apache 2.x and so forth.

Efficiency of queries

Slow page loading can be due to lesser efficiency of MySQL queries. You need to note that queries should be returning the requested information faster. The more time these queries take to provide information, the slower it takes for pages to load on your site. This problem can further worsen in the event of high traffic since there will be a significant rise in time as well resource requirement. This issue can be sorted out by checking efficiency of MySQL queries and enabling slow logging for MySQL

Speeding up user data capturing

It is found that in order to capture user data many websites make use of plugins in Content Management Systems. These plugins are essential for the website. However, you can improve the process by frequently removing all unused and obsolete data or by switching the storage engine to InnoDB. In case there are too many plugins installed by you, it is advisable to delete or deactivate such plugins.

Optimization of images

Images are essential assets of any websites. However if these are not properly optimized, then they can prove to be liabilities and result in slow page loading. If you find there are too many images or too large images on your site, then these will cause the site to slow down because more information needs to be retrieved. This can also result in higher consumption of bandwidth.

An ideal way to deal with such issue is by compressing size of images. Alternatively, you can also access a plethora of tools and web services including Online Image Optimizer, JPEG and PNG Stripper, and SuperGIF to name a few.

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Managing CSS

Cascading Style Sheets have become essential part of modern websites since these are capable of keeping the visitor engaged by enhancing the feel and appearance of the website. The markup should be kept clean with CSS selectors and overall CSS should be kept short. It needs to be noted that the codes perform better when they are shorter.

Use of CSS sprite technique helps reduce HTTP request during page loading as it combines all or multiple images at one place on a single image file while controlling the output with help of the CSS background position attribute. While creating CSS sprites you should focus on their usefulness and ease. It is advised to use online CSS sprite generator.

Combining multiple CSS files can significantly reduce HTTP requests. One should not forget importance of using a declaration only once to boost optimization.


Although web optimization is generally overlooked by web administrators, it has a significant role to play in terms of boosting number of your readers or website visitors. A properly optimized website can not only attract hordes of vistors but can also help you save your money.

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