Finding a Quality VPS Provider for your Business

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

When you choose VPS hosting you will be greeted with a combination of features from both shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans. Like shared hosting plans, a VPS hosting plan will house your website along with many other sites on the same physical server. However, each virtual server functions just like a dedicated server where users are provided with root access. So, you can configure the server settings to suit your interests, install custom software and apps to boost your business. Since all VPS clients will be using the same physical servers, costs of server maintenance are shared and this makes VPS hosting plans far cheaper in comparison to dedicated hosting plans. So, VPS hosting plans are low priced compared to dedicated server hosting but not as cheap as shared hosting. They will typically range from $20-$100 a month as compared to only $10 for shared hosting.

How to find a reliable VPS hosting service:

Finding a good web host for VPS solutions is easy when you know what to look for. To start with, you need to find out what kind of services the plans will offer and how much you have to pay for these services. You need to also inquire about server management provisions and compensation guarantee for uptime.

  • Prices of VPS hosting are one of the first things businesses must consider to get a reliable and affordable VPS host. You must choose a hosting provider that charges you a flexible cost on a monthly basis or quarterly basis or yearly basis. All payments for uptime and maintenance must be declared upfront so that clients are fully aware of these at the outset. You need to be aware of uptime guarantees in case the provider fails to meet the promises of a high network uptime.
  • Before signing up with juts an web hosting provider, you will need to review the provider website. You should check for its reputation and ensure that it values customer satisfaction. The content on their site should be clear and easy to understand so that you do not end up getting scammed. Most of the reputed and reliable hosting providers will not try to force you into signing up for services that you will not require.
  • When you check out the site of these providers, it is recommended that you look into their client list. Most of the reputed hosts will showcase their high-profile customers to connive you that their services are par excellence. When you find that the company has been around for many years and enjoys a relatively large client base, you can trust it. There are however some hosting providers which have cleverly-designed sites to camouflage their flaws and shortcomings. So, you should look up reviews about their services on third party sites and get customer feedbacks before signing up. Participating in forums and online discussions about these companies can help you know the real truth behind these firms.
  • Although many providers may claim to offer you a high network uptime, the truth may be otherwise. For instance, those offering free hosting solutions or incredibly low-priced hosting plans should be avoided. You must check for their uptime guarantees by carefully reviewing their Service Level Agreements.
  • When choosing a VPS hosting provider, you must also decide whether to sign up for unmanaged or managed hosting solutions. Unmanaged solutions will make you responsible for managing and securing the servers. These are cheaper than managed hosting solutions in which the provider is responsible for troubleshooting server problems. When you have a capable IT staff to help you, unmanaged solutions is a cost-effective solution. But, if you lack expertise and skills, choosing managed plans is a wiser decision.
  • Before you sign up with any provider, you need to be fully sure that you will benefit from VPS plans. Most companies upgrade to VPS hosting because their shared hosting plans are not enough to handle the traffic spikes. The new bloggers often end up buying very big virtual servers which turn out to be quite costly. But, more often than not, they do not have the need for the amount of resources these provide. So, you may end up paying much more if you do not know exactly how many resources your site needs.
  • When you have signed up for managed VPS hosting, you need to review the control panel interface. A heavy and complex UI is likely to baffle the newbie blogger. So, you should be on the search for a web hosting provider which can give you an intuitive control panel. When the UI is sluggish, your site suffers no matter how good you are at server management tasks.
  • Finally a reliable provider is one that can troubleshoot your technical glitches any time of the day and night. The company you sign up with should be able to offer you facilities like live chat, email supports and phone-call assistance besides tutorials and FAQs.
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