Points to Ponder before Finalizing Linux VPS Hosting Solution

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

There are multiple reasons for growing popularity of Linux VPS hosting. Thanks to emergence and development of virtualization technologies, Linux VPS hosting is evolving in terms of functionalities and performance. Linux VPS is also a right option for addressing environment concerns and has remarkable ability of scaling easily as well as rapidly in response to resource needs.

Key attributes of Linux VPS

Most of the unique attributes of Linux VPS hosting can be experienced by associating with a reputed hosting provider. It is one of the most affordable hosting options due to the fact that Linux operating system is open source distribution.

Another advantage of open source OS is its ability to smoothly integrate with other open source applications. It also offers excellent compatibility with open source programming languages such as PHP.

Linux VPS hosting offers remarkable uptime guarantee and is a highly reliable hosting solution because it offers privacy and outstanding server control with root access. Linux VPS allows you to leverage state of the art technology including LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP).

Making most of the available resources

Since every server is bound by its own hardware restrictions, every user of a hosting solution must find ways to get the optimum mileage from the server resources. From this point of view, a Linux VPS requires lesser disk space than its Windows counterpart. Same is true for RAM and energy requirements. Hence a Linux VPS server is not only more energy efficient but it also achieves greater efficiency for given resources and power than Windows VPS server.

Robust support of community

Linux operating for your VPS server is constantly being updated and its core code is also being optimized for better output by its lively community that spread across the globe. Thanks to Linux community, it has been regarded as the most dependable and stable operating system. What’s more, you can access wide array of software packages and customization options for your Linux VPS system.

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Versatile and user friendly

Linux VPS solution enables you to find the right Linux flavor for your specific need. This is due to the fact that you have choice of a plethora of distribution systems to choose from including Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS, among others.

The days of using a terminal or command line for managing a Linux VPS server are over. Current Linux distributions enable a remarkably intuitive Graphical User Interface to facilitate interaction and management of server without memorizing complex commands.

Robust documentation

Linux support from forums and blogs that are dedicated to Linux is simply amazing. The presence and support of a large and vibrant Linux community has made it possible to document every facet of Linux distribution to enable easy troubleshooting as well as customization of your VPS server the way you need to.

Choosing the right Linux VPS hosting provider

There is not an iota of doubt that you will always be proud of your decision to choose Linux VPS server hosting since it will empower with amazing flexibility and sound sleep. It can power large spectrum of servers including game servers, mail servers, and web servers to name just a few. However you need to note that every Linux VPS is different and you need to know certain vital aspects of Linux VPS hosting prior to making a final decision.

CPU – Virtual Private Server offers a virtual CPU that is usually created by allocating specific number of cores of a physical CPU. The choice of a particular type of CPU entirely depends upon your planned objectives. For example chat or game servers need more CPU power than simple web servers. It is recommended to optimize your CPU needs since minimal characteristic of Virtual Private Server.

Disk storage – One of the most vital aspects of VPS hosting is availability of disk space, since the space is essential for storing server’s data. If you are proposing to host a simple website, then a space of around 20GB would be quite okay. The requirement of disk space can significantly multiply if the VPS has to run as a game server or a forum. Modern VPS hosting providers are offering choice of SSD storage if your website will have to handle large workloads of reading or writing such as large community websites.

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RAM – For a small website with no special services running on it, a minimum RAM of 512 MB would be fine. In contrast a RAM of 4GB may be essential for online gaming sites. Insufficient RAM would lead to outage or server failure.

Bandwidth – Traffic is an important consideration for amount of bandwidth, which has no relation with what is running on VPS. Therefore a small website may need higher bandwidth if it has to handle large volume of traffic than a community website that is yet to gather momentum.

These are some of the important considerations you will need to look at before finalizing Linux VPS hosting. If you need larger space, faster CPU, and higher bandwidth, then you will have to be prepared for spending more. 

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