Linux VPS For Scalable Hosting

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Businesses and even individuals often weigh-in the strengths of Linux and Windows to see which is better for their websites.

Apparently Windows seem to be the leader, but Linux scores on many counts mainly in security, interoperability and flexibility.

Keep in mind that it is no longer a platform for experimentalists and hobbyists. On a laptop or desktop it has a highly developed, user-friendly GUI environment.

Linux VPS hosting comes under the category of scalable VPS hosting has scores of advantages. Let us list some of these.

Total Cost of Ownership

Windows licenses for large businesses can eat up a lot of money – far more than what would incur if you have to educate your staff on Linux.

If you switch to Linux – an open source platform it is goodbye to software licenses.

Remember, most IT professionals already know a thing or two about Linux. It is not Greek to them anymore. Moreover, today’s Linux is not that of yore. It has evolved a lot. And if you add software costs related to antivirus and spyware protection, Linux wins head-on on costs alone.


Some may say Windows have an edge on server. But on today’s date Linux does anything and everything, if not better.

In fact, security is one of the strong points of Linux.  It is no wonder many businesses are migrating from Windows for good.  A few good reasons are:

  • It is continuing to make notable forays into the largest data centers
  • It has completely dominated the cloud services segment.

Far better uptimes

More businesses than ever before rely on Linux on support for .NET applications. For uptimes Linux is far more stable than what Windows is. In fact Linux has the same uptimes as UNIX, which literally means you get 99.99% availability.

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Linux is open source. This means you have a global community providing security fixes. Linux code maintainers see to it you get your Linux system is update at all times. Linux is immune to a host of viruses, and we know Windows is vulnerable to spyware and adware.

It is Free

Need we say more? Remember it is also free of patents and other restrictions that can be a pain in the neck for creative business entrepreneurs

It has a global community

Thousands across the globe contribute to the source code including security fixes and system improvements. You also get free support through web community sites and various forums.

It is flexible

Linux offers leading edge capabilities for the present day high-powered devices.  It means it can scale up to your needs and also scale down to suit older software.


This at first may seem to be the flip side of Linux. There are scores of Linux based operating systems, also called distros. Many may feel overwhelmed, because apparently, choosing between say Windows 8 or Windows 10 is far easier.

But think. The distros vary widely in functionality and are continuously evolving. This signifies businesses are free to try as many distros as they desire, and that too at no cost.

If you are a newbie entrepreneur working primarily on software, Linux is a better fit because of two compelling reasons. It is free and has low overheads.

You have the advantage of multiple distros and better security though you may need a bit of patience to adapt to the new system.

Now that we have settled the Linux versus Windows matter, what about Linux in a hosting environment?

Most successful small and medium businesses go for Linux VPS.

The chief reason is obvious. They get a lot of traffic. And any downtime can be a disaster. A VPS delivers robust hosting solutions with high performance and scalability.

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Moreover a Linux VPS hosting vendor offers ease of use, enhanced security and as mentioned earlier, lower TCO.

For programmers, designers and developers the overriding advantage of a Linux VPS is flexibility.

What about for personal use say for a blog?

Linux VPS is for everyone regardless of how you plan to use it.

Even a blogger can benefit from an appropriate Linux VPS hosting package.

Get VPS and revamp your hosting.

Most businesses start with a shared hosting plan, but soon realize it is high time to overhaul.

Shared plans are inadequate to manage high traffic. It is not uncommon for users to get penalized whenever they routinely go above their allotted share of bandwidth capacity.

There is no any doubt that Linux VPS achieves scalable hosting.

Linux VPS is excellent for an ecommerce site that needs to adjust to server resources as they expand but without the undesirable increases in costs. 

With the right vendor you can experience fast deployment, easier control and if necessary get managed control included in the package.

With easy to use cPanel included you can customize the hosting environment with optional root access.

VPS offers isolated resources for better performance. The VPS nodes are shared into isolated containers with each its own share of bandwidth and CPU power.

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