Factors to be Considered while Choosing Right OS for VPS Hosting

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Thanks to proliferation of internet and associated technologies, there has been an amazing transformation in communication and accessibility of information. Internet has changed the way people communicate with each other, purchase products online, share photos, watch video clips, listen music, book hotels or journey and play games, just to name a few.

Proliferation of business websites

In response to an exponential growth in number of internet users due to emergence of smart phones and other internet enabled devices, a plethora of entrepreneurs and organizations have shifted their businesses to internet for exploiting this powerful medium. The strategy has paid off great dividends in terms of finding new customer segments, reaching remote markets, and enhancing visibility of businesses across global markets.

The current landscape of online business is filled with millions of websites promoting their services and products by using wide spectrum of marketing strategies to engage customers by attracting them to their websites. These websites are usually having compelling appearances and have user friendly navigation that helps visitors stay on websites for longer time. The visitors are then showered with an array of offers, loyalty programs, and coupons just to name a few.

Importance of hosting plans

Although, website owners and online entrepreneurs spend considerably for improving appearance of their websites, it is unfortunate that the same attention and seriousness is not evident while choosing an appropriate hosting plan. It must be noted that success of online business largely depends on optimum support of the right hosting plan and a high performance server.

There are plenty of web hosting plans to choose from and the process of making the right choice can be extremely overwhelming. The most common problem is the lack of understanding in terms of hosting needs or resource requirements. Website owners must have a clear understanding about level of traffic and features of website that can impact its performance. This can seriously hamper website performance and lead to a poor browsing experience with loss of revenues.

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In the light of this, it would be appropriate to improve knowledge of VPS hosting, which is one of the most promising, powerful yet affordable web hosting solution.

Key attributes of VPS server hosting

VPS hosting is considered as a unique type of hosting since it allocates dedicated server resources in a multi-tenant environment. If you consider types of hotel accommodation, then shared hosting is similar to a dormitory and dedicated hosting is comparable to a luxury suite with ample amount of amenities. Cheap VPS hosting is a similar to a decent room designed for few users with special amenities.

Virtual Private Server is created by compartmentalization of a single physical server into multiple virtual servers that have dedicated resource of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth, thanks to virtualization technology. VPS hosting allows users to add desired applications and define their individual security protocols. They are also able to control hosting environment with help of web based control panel such as Plesk or cPanel. Users who are planning to benefit from VPS hosting must choose between Windows or Linux operating system for managing server operations.

Linux OS for VPS hosting

Linux operating system is a budget friendly yet high performance solution for running Virtual Private Server. Uses need not pay for licenses to use Linux OS since it is an open source platform.

VPS hosting is regarded for remarkable dependability as well as flexibility. Since Linux is a lightweight platform it needs lesser resources than its Windows counterpart. Hence it enhances performance of websites to great extent and mitigates chances of downtime. Users can easily allocate resources to different applications by operating control panels.

Linux operating system improves website availability and reliability of server performance. It can help create user friendly and easy to navigate websites since it supports a broad spectrum of coding languages including Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and Perl.

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In order to explore all advantages of Linux VPS hosting, users must be armed with a good technical proficiency. It offers text based commands that are supported by SSH. These are responsible for greater functionality and mess overloading.

Linux VPS environment offers ideal environment for development. Since it has an open source code, webmasters are allowed to alter server configurations, implement customization and perform updates. Users can install add-ons as desired to support their needs.

Key highlights of Windows VPS hosting

Virtual Private Servers that operate on Windows operating systems are termed as Windows VPS. Since Windows operating systems are commercially developed, these lack affordability of Linux operation systems that are open source solutions. Users of Windows operating systems are supposed to pay for licensing fees for using Windows applications.

The most striking attribute of Windows operating system is its user friendly user interface. With help of Remote Desktop Access functionality, users can manage and control functions of server easily from any location. These are routinely used for creating websites that need Microsoft software.

Choice of an operating system should depend on business objectives rather than multiple features offered by these alternatives.

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