Key Differentiators of VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Evolving technology has lead to development of several models of web hosting. However, if you are to list the major types of hosting, then there are four important categories such as shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, managed hosting, and dedicated hosting

Selecting right type of hosting

If one is interested in exploring alternatives mission critical hosting for running serious web projects, then shared hosting is not the ideal alternative although it is the cheapest option among all major versions of hosting.

Hence VPS hosting and dedicated hosting are to be considered as right options for carrying out serious hosting operations. In fact, the line between these two types of hosting is blurred to some extent. This needs deeper insights in terms of understanding their important attributes to be able to be able to choose between these two.

Power of dedicated hosting

If you want to experience the fastest and the most powerful hosting, then a dedicated server should be an obvious choice. However, certain high end Virtual Private Servers can offer equally good, if not better, performance at much more economical costs.

As the name suggests, a dedicated server is designed for dedicated purpose and the cost is also accordingly on a higher side than other types of servers. Certain advantages of dedicated servers are usually not found with Virtual Private Servers.

Absolute control is the most striking attribute of a dedicated server. It is for this very reason that a dedicated server belongs to the topmost strata of server hierarchy. It offers total autonomy to owner who is able to customize its configuration, software, and many more specifications.

If you are using a shared or VPS hosting account, then you would understand the importance of adding desired software applications. This is because, providers of shared and VPS hosting are reluctant to offer free rein to their clients when it comes to installing software of their choice.

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There is always an upper limit in terms of resource availability for running specific software, since web hosts drastically limit resource allocation to shared hosting customers. This also true in case of VPS clients who may experience resource crunch and are not allowed extensive control of their hosting environment.

This brings us back to dedicated servers that are completely customizable and allow users to exploit all server resources and perform rebooting operations as per their needs. Users of Cheap dedicated server USA can exercise total control on vital resources of network access, processing power, memory, hard drive, and storage capacity. There is no other user to share these resources and cause resource starvation as experienced in shared or VPS environment.

Server performance is the most significant aspect of resource intensive websites including ecommerce websites or other websites that are used for generating revenues or for handling huge traffic such as large community forums.

Exclusive benefits of VPS hosting

Virtual Private Servers are virtualized entities and are therefore slightly difficult to fathom. These are not straightforward servers such as standalone dedicated servers that has only one account linked to it. Virtual Private Servers operate in a shared environment and user of a VPS hosting is actually sharing a common physical server.

Virtual Private Server is comparable to shared hosting in more than one ways. However, the distinct differences between the two types of hosting are important to understand superior aspects of VPS hosting.

One of the most important features of VPS hosting is the availability of CPU power. This helps users install software or modules that require CPU power or memory. This attribute is not available in shared hosting. Although hosting providers may offer enough bandwidth or storage facilities to users, they are not able to access memory or CPU power for running special instances of software. Such software is viewed as disruptive to the accounts that exist on same server and are sharing resources.

VPS hosting offers several advantages over shared hosting. Users of VPS hosting are allowed to exercise better control and can reboot VPS servers as per their requirement in addition to greater flexibility of hosting plans than shared hosting.

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However, it should be noted that the amount of freedom or control in VPS environment depends on the VPS plans. Cheaper VPS plans may not offer desired control and flexibility of installing desired software.

Understanding specific details of VPS hosting

If you are planning to run resource intensive software, then you need to understand the specifications provided in different VPS plans. Many times the details of resources that are provided in VPS packages may not be entirely available to individual accounts.

This may not be critical criteria for running simple blog sites. However, if you are planning to use Virtual Private Server hosting, then you need to dig deeper to know hardware specs that would be exclusively available to you. You should also enquire about provisions of upgrades and the impact of such upgrades on your website in terms of downtime. Ideally, a temporary upgrade should not cause a downtime issue.

VPS offers benefits of cloud computing because it runs on server virtualization technology. Therefore if you are planning to run additional programs rather than just Joomla or WordPress, VPS is a right option for you.

There are many advantages of managed WordPress hosting since it automatically updates files and provides powerful software options for running your websites such as Nginx.

Key deciding factors

You need to look at the price of hosting and compare availability of resource that is being offered in the particular price range. It is always a good strategy to strike a right balance between performance and cost of hosting package.

After analyzing costs and resource allocation of different packages the most important deciding factor is the choice of web host. You need to select the most reliable and reputed web host for managed WordPress hosting.

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