Games To Host On VPS Servers

Feb 17,2021 by Nishant Nath

Posted by Priyanka Singh

Gamers are thriving the world over, thanks to advanced hardware, robust connectivity, and interesting games. A dedicated gamer would like to have nothing come between them and their games. Thrilling games often include many players, located in different countries, coming together to play a game filled with suspense and excitement. Even if you are just playing online games with the people in your neighborhood, you still want to ensure that the game is not disrupted due to lack of bandwidth and other issues.

Games to Host On VPS Servers 

Many gamers find it worth their while to invest in their own servers for gaming. If you are a committed gamer, who loves to invites other players for matches, you might want to host the game on your own server. This offers unmatched resources, and ensures that the gaming experience is enhanced. Most users add their own server to the game for customization and for enhanced tools and items. However, some people may also do it to earn money, although this is not always feasible or legal. If you are looking for a more thrilling experience, with different plots, then, you can choose to host the game on your own server.

 A regular dedicated server can be expensive. While it offers many resources, you need to pay a lot of money for the bandwidth and storage. Also, maintenance for your server can be difficult. If you are not a technical person, or you lack a data center, then your server cannot be secured against malware, intrusions, and damage. Therefore, you could look at low cost options that offer similar amounts of resources, and eliminates the difficulties associated with a server on your premises.

A Windows VPS Server is often a preferred choice. If you want a server that is not shared, so as to have more resources and privacy, the VPS is the perfect option. Since the VPS server is made by demarcating resources of a shared server, rather than actual hardware, the costs are lower. Thus, many players find it cheaper to host games on VPS servers. VPS servers are low cost, and they offer many benefits. They are easy to configure and there is no set up from your end necessary. These servers offer plenty of resources, and other users of the server can put stress on your resources. The servers are hosted in virtualized settings, so the costs are lower. Also, you need not store any hardware on your premises. This does away with the costs and efforts needed for maintenance.

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This is one of the most popular online games in the world. It helps player hone their thinking skills and use limited resources to fend off challenges. It also offers plenty of rewards such as additional virtual resources, should you perform well. If you are looking forward to playing matches with select players, hosting the game on your own VPS server should be worth the price. The best hosting providers are known to offer VPS servers dedicated to gaming. All gamers who want to experience the thrill of playing Minecraft against their favorite players should use a VPS server to host the game. It is important to find a hosting service that offers unmatched resources, so that your game is not disrupted if more players join in. Usually, the hosting service offers the choice of moving to a new hosting plan immediately, should you feel your game needs more bandwidth.

ARK Survival

Being stranded on an island is challenging enough. But if the island is home to creatures from a prehistoric era, the challenge is multiplied. This is the premise of the ARK Survival game. However, the player does not have to fend off the elements and the wilderness with bare hands. If they do well, they get access to tools and other necessities to survive the island and its wildlife. This is a game that requires resourcefulness and quick thinking abilities. No wonder so many players are devoted to the game, and think that having their own VPS server to play the game is as good as it gets.

Medal of Honor

This game has been popular for many years, and continues to grow its fan base. One of the reasons you may want to play this game on a VPS server is that it has low bandwidth requirements. Where the bandwidth needs are low, the gameplay becomes that much easier. You can invite your online friends to enjoy an exciting challenge.

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These games are ideal for the Windows OS environment, something that most players are likely to use. Also, when you use Go4hosting servers, you do not have to worry about maintenance and other issues. Other features on offer include security, firewalls, and high bandwidth. You can choose from many hosting plans, depending on your budget and bandwidth needs. Go4hosting also offers 24/7 technical support and secure data centres

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