Key Technical Factors to Consider before Choosing Linux VPS Hosting

Feb 17,2021 by Nishant Nath

Posted by Manish Bhardawaj

With reference to the latest and reliable studies, Linux hosting is the most ideally suitable hosting for enterprises in terms of performance of business as well as application. One needs to consider a plethora of significant technical aspects before zeroing on the right and the most appropriate Linux Virtual Private hosting service for his or her business.

Key technical factors to consider before choosing Linux VPS Hosting

Key attributes of Linux hosting

Let us understand reasons that make Linux VPS Hosting as the most ideal hosting for businesses. The first and foremost reason for choosing Linux instead of Windows as an operating system is the amazing stability that immunizes your business against an event of server cash. Linux operated server will seldom suffer from crash or will need rebooting.

In addition to robust stability, Linux VPS hosting is also appreciated for being a highly secured option. Since Linux OS is backed by a history of being impregnable to most of the malware or viruses, you can rest assured that your business is thoroughly protected from online threats.

Linux VPS hosting is also preferred for being highly scalable. You can continue to grow your business with unrestricted ability to handle more traffic with ample provision of scalable resources. You will have no reason to worry about the resources till the time your business matures to the level of affording a fully dedicated server hosting.

It would be foolish to choose a Linux VPS server hosting only by considering the cost benefits. Although, cost does play a major role for deciding the hosting service provider, there are few important technical elements that need to be taken into account in addition to the aspect of budget.

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These attributes are basically related to quality, resource availability, and flexibility made available for the clients of Linux VPS hosting by the host. We will delve into these one by one to empower you to take an informed decision.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Since Linux VPS operates on a virtual server there is considerably lesser execution load on CPU. Virtual Private Server is built by assembling multi-cores of a standalone server. It is observed that standard web servers require lesser CPU for regular operations, but there are many scenarios such as live chat servers and online game servers that need make use of considerable CPU resources. Hence one needs to bear this aspect in mind for choosing the right CPU that fulfills business needs.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

While deciding about RAM one should focus on the type of RAM and its volume. For most of the websites, one GB RAM backed by single core CPU would suffice nicely. This combination can effortlessly handle a daily traffic of 2000 visits.

Type of business is an important factor to influence volume of RAM required. If yours is going to be a simple website, then a bare minimum provision for 512 MB RAM can easily serve the purpose. However, for more demanding projects such as a gaming site, you will have to consider larger volume of RAM somewhere in the range from 2GB to 4GB.

Hard disk space

The amount of data needed to be stored on server and the type of website are determining factors for the disk space.  Simple run of the mill blog sites with limited number of visitors would not require more than 20 GB hard disk space. If you are running a huge community or gaming site, then the disk space requirement could be as high as 500GB.

Key factors that impact website performance

We always talk about performance of website without knowing the parameters that go into deciding whether a website is performing up to the mark. Following key factors determine the overall performance of the website:

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Monitoring systems of website
Content distribution
Page load speeds
Adherence to security protocols
Network uptime

These attributes of the hosting service are extremely important for assured website performance and flawless business availability.

Resource scalability

Growth is the basic sign of life and every website aims to grow in response to the business it is supporting. Website availability and page loading speed are vital requirements of any business that aims to retain existing customers while attracting new visitors or potential customers.

Therefore, popularity of a website depends upon the availability and scalability of resources. Your website is bound to suffer in terms of online availability or page loading speeds if the available resources fall short of handling growth in traffic due to rise in demand. In order to make sure that your business is always available irrespective of traffic spikes, you need to confirm redundancy of hardware resources as well as scalability of basic requirement including bandwidth, RAM, and disk space.

VPS hosting- managed or unmanaged

Unmanaged VPS hosting demands that you are backed by technical expertise to carry out day to day operations of server maintenance and multiple tasks to make sure that all key factors that impact performance are properly looked after. This can lead to continuous distractions from your business.

If you are prepared to allocate some extra budget to buy peace of mind, then the option of managed VPS hosting would be the most ideal. Every single aspect of security and performance of your VPS hosting India would be looked after by your host to make your life easy.

Cost of hosting

You need to strike a fine balance between the pricing and quality of hosting. Never ever settle for the cheapest option by compromising quality of web hosting. You should critically analyze your would-be host on the basis of above parameters in addition to availability of 24/7 tech help and reputation of the host.

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Which factor determines the cost of the product?

Price is something that grabs everyone’s attention without any effort put in. But a Linux VPS provider should be just chosen based on the price mentioned. There are many hidden factors associated with a Linux VPS web hosting service. By this we mean that don’t just fall for the cheapest offer as it might turn out to be expensive in the long run. So here are some of the factors you must consider before buying any Linux virtual private server- 

Quality of the hardware- The quality of the hardware is the core and integral element of any hosting service and one cannot afford to compromise on that. So the quality of the hardware is something that should be kept at priority. 

Website traffic-

Keeping in mind the specific requirements of your website keeps you updated. A managed Linux VPS hosting helps you in maintaining the website traffic by not interfering with your daily chores in the business. So while deciding on the budget do deep research on the actual requirements of your website.

Level of security-

Linux VPS providers put on additional stress on the security part as it is one of the main reasons for which one opts for a hosting service. Features like spam filtering, firewall configuration, multiple levels of authentication, etc. are all parts of the security. 

Operational Costs-

Irrespective of the background of your business or the industry it belongs to, hosting service has become a necessity for all. If you are into IT services, the thought might run in your mind that you are efficient enough to self-host your website. But after going through the operational costs this belief will also change. The way in which a managed Linux VPS hosting will maintain your overall expenditures, it won’t be possible to be maintained in-house. 

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