Striking Attributes of VPS Hosting Powered by cPanel

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

One of the most effective ways of serving a website is through VPS hosting that is supported by cPanel. It can be used to support several websites without significant investment because cost of VPS hosting with cPanel has drastically reduced over the years. 

Features of VPS hosting with cPanel

Most of the VPS hosting plans are offered with a license key for cPanel that can be activated instantly. Reputed VPS hosting services can pass on several essential features of hosting to their clients. These include fully manageable server resources, full root access to server to facilitate excellent control of Virtual Private Server. 

Customers of reputable VPS hosting services are able to access a variety of backup options to safeguard their digital assets. It is possible to execute server related backups whenever required by using PHPMyAdmin, FTP, and so forth. 

Since every website differs from other in terms of hosting requirements, VPS hosting plans provide excellent customizability. If you are planning to work as a reseller, then your clients will be convinced about your business integrity since your logo will be visible in their cPanel. In addition to customization and custom branding you are allowed to execute Apache compilation by using the module of your choice. 

Shared reseller hosting restricts your ability to customize server configuration but in a VPS setup, you are able to customize scripts as well as server configurations.

Scalable server resources

Resources of a Virtual Private Server can be scaled up or down without any hassles or loss of business critical data. There is also no need to avail long terms services because hosting services for Virtual Private Servers are based on monthly contracts. 

It is easy to upgrade server resources if you are anticipating a sudden surge in traffic due to upcoming campaigns or festive seasons. Needless to add, you can switch back to the original status with just few clicks, once the campaign ends. 

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Simplified VPS management through cPanel

No matter which administrative tasks you wish to perform, your cPanel is well equipped to handle wide array of Virtual Private Server management operations without any hassles. Thanks to amazing server control made possible by cPanel, you can track memory consumption, server load, and disk space utilization. What’s more, cPanel also facilitates you to locate processes or customers that are responsible for impacting the performance of Virtual Private Server. 

One can trace every individual process of server by obviating use of Linux command line. In the event of compromised server performance, all you need to do is to execute few clicks to open WHM panel and you will be able to instantly identify the exact cause of server slow-down. 

Quick mitigation of Apache and MySQL usage is also one of the compelling attributes of cPanel. If you come to know that a particular customer is the reason for server overload, then the customer can be immediately notified or blocked. The restart facility allows you to restart the service by performing few clicks. 

cPanel and management of clients

Gone are the days when server management used to be an extremely time consuming affair. Even a straightforward task of recovering lost password required complex tasks that could take days. Same was the case with request for creation of an email account or any other day to day tasks. 

Few clicks is all it takes to reset a forgotten password, add an hosting account or create an email account. Thanks to cPanel, you are able to manage processes, CPU usage and many other server resources in matter of few quick steps. You can obviate the step of opening a support ticket to facilitate total control of your server. 

The state of the art control panel is further split into two components including cPanel for use of customers and WHM for the reseller hosts. You can allow customers to independently perform wide range of tasks through cPanel by assigning individual cPanel to every client.

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Server customizability

You will be able to cater to all types of hosting needs through cPanel supported VPS hosting account. Whether you need to install Django, Tomcat or Ruby, cPanel and VPS have you covered. The intuitively automatic interface of cPanel enables installation of custom modules of Perl and also grants access to a graphic guided compiler of Apache.

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