Unleash True Business Potential of Your Website with VPS hosting

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Virtualization has transformed wide spectrum of IT services and one of the most significant impacts of server virtualization can be seen in the domain of web hosting. Virtual Private Server hosting has emerged as the most promising alternative for users of shared hosting who are exploring options to migrate to a superior hosting package.

VPS- hosting with a difference

Virtual Private Server is derived by compartmentalization of a single physical servers into multiple VMs that are able to run as independent servers with own operating system, memory, and disk space. Users are able to enjoy root access to server and facility of a control panel to operate your web hosting account.

Unlike share hosting Virtual Private Hosting entitles you to a plethora of benefits. Usually, VPS hosting is selected because of limitations of resources in shared hosting that are not able to handle increased traffic.

Cost benefits

Even though, the advantages offered by VPS hosting are comparable to dedicated hosting, it costs slightly more than a shared hosting plan and far less than a dedicated hosting account. Shared hosting can cost in the range of $5 to $ for monthly subscription while a standard VPS plan would be in the range of $10 to $60 a month. This is obviously much more economical than a dedicated plan that costs more than $100 a month.

Moreover, shared hosting does not offer good value for every dollar spent. In case of an upgrade to a VPS hosting account from shared hosting, you are able to enjoy much better value for the expenditure. In fact, many clients choose VPS hosting as an entry level web hosting for their business websites. The benefits of VPS hosting in terms of control, scalability, flexibility, and security more than justify the costs.

Although managed VPS hosting is costlier than shared hosting, in reality the advantages outweigh the cost difference by handsome margin. Business website owners with limited technical manpower can reap outstanding benefits due to availability of round the clock technical support and monitoring.

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Greater security of hosting environment

There are many reasons to believe that shared hosting may be headed for extinction due to the number of advantages offered by VPS hosting at almost same costs. It is observed that many web hosts are cramming websites on a single server in shared hosting. This is termed as over selling and is causing multiple problems such as slow page loads and security issues due to noisy neighbors.

VPS hosting allows an isolated existence that is secured from activities in neighboring accounts. It provides facility of an isolated container comparable to a dedicated server. There is no sharing of resources unlike shared hosting. With greater resource availability, websites in VPS environment are able to perform reliably with no fear of downtime or slow page loads.

Blazing fast performance

Page loading time is not only an important criterion for better SEO benefits but is also a vital prerequisite for number of applications. Faster loading sites are in a better position to retain visitors because it is observed that a delay of few seconds is enough for a visitor to abandon your site and move away. This also explains the importance of speed as one of the ranking factors for higher SERPs.

Supportive and scalable

Scalability can be considered as the major advantage of VPS hosting. Users can avoid downtime by allocating disk space, RAM, and CPU to manage traffic surge or traffic during peak times. In case of shared hosting, your website is provided with resources that are also being shared by hundreds of other users and therefore the site is prone to suffer from resource crunch leading to frequent downtimes and slow page load speeds. VPS account is similar to dedicated hosting and can be supported with additional resources in time of the need. Additionally, the available resources are not influenced by other users.

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Secondly, VPS hosting accounts are offered unrestricted technical support. Users can always access the support by way of live chat, email, or telephone. If you are running a business website, technical support is a great resource because it is not feasible to maintain dedicated technical staff and any event of downtime can lead to loss of revenues.

Ideal environment for disaster recovery

Every website owner should plan seamless DR strategy to face unexpected events such as natural calamities, cyber attacks, and other disasters that would compromise mission critical data and force the business to shut down.

Process of disaster recovery is far superior in VPS hosting environment than even in a dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is appreciated for swift reboot and the Virtual Private Server can be restarted by choosing variety of modes. The inbuilt features of self healing are capable of automated failover functionalities. Cloud management applications available for VPS hosting accounts are capable of reallocating the hosted website or business critical applications to different hypervisors that need just few moments to reconfigure.


If you are able to select a right VPS hosting provider by assessing level of technical support, reputation, and flexibility of custom VPS plans, then you will be able to reap every single benefit of VPS hosting.  VPS hosting is the most vital resource that helps you get the most out of your web presence.

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