Unleash True Potential of Online Business with Linux VPS Hosting

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

While launching a new website or a blog, you will be confronted with multiple hosting options such as shared hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Windows or Linux VPS hosting, to name a few. Linux VPS is regarded as a perfect choice for running online enterprises or running profitable blogs.

Although, Linux VPS hosting is being used and talked about extensively there are many individuals that are not fully aware of its features and benefits. In light of this one needs to dig deeper for getting enlightened about vital attributes of Linux VPS hosting.

Brief overview of Linux VPS hosting

In order to appreciate variety of advantages of Linux VPS hosting, one must learn specific characteristics of Linux Operating System as well as Virtual Private Servers. Linux and Windows are the most extensively used operating systems for running web servers. Linux is open source distribution unlike Windows, which is a commercial product developed by Microsoft. Linux has support of a vast development community and users of Linux operating system are not required to pay for its license.

Unlike Windows that operates with help of dialogue boxes and is more intuitive as far as user experience is concerned, Linux has a slightly steeper learning curve and needs users to devote time learning to use it. It follows command based operations. Linux is regarded for a secure operating environment is often preferred by users of VPS hosting.

Since a multitude of hosting service providers offer support of managed Linux VPS hosting, users are not required to be concerned with technical aspects of Linux as well as Virtual Private Servers. It should be noted that a managed VPS hosting can cost less than paying for Windows licensing fees.

Virtual Private Servers are built by using virtualization technology. Users of VPS hosting are provided with dedicated resources of disk space, memory, and bandwidth. These resources can also be easily scaled up in response to business growth or growth in number of visitors. This explains why a Linux VPS hosting can boost growing businesses.

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Understanding significance of fully managed Linux VPS hosting

Majority of ecommerce entrepreneurs prefer to use fully managed VPS hosting. The responsibility of managing server operations, security patching, and resolution of technical glitches is shouldered by the host in fully managed Linux VPS hosting. Considering the highly technical nature of Linux Operating System as well as a Virtual Private Server, it is prudent to go for fully managed Linux VPS hosting.

Business benefits of Linux VPS hosting

Stability of Linux operating system is the most important attributes of Linux VPS hosting. Online business are always under threat from cyber attacks, and since Linux operating system is highly regarded for having the latest in security malware, the entire system has an excellent defense against possible cyber attacks.

Since every business strives to grow, the business website must have support of a scalable hosting. A growing online business has to manage high traffic volumes without impacting page load speeds. In order to ensure assured website availability even during traffic surge, on must make sure that the hosting is able to support website with optimum resources. Linux VPS hosting offers amazing scalability by rapidly allocating greater resources to sustain website availability and protects overall business operation.   

Vital features and advantages of Linux VPS

Since a Linux VPS hosting is provided with dedicated resources, you can look forward to a safer environment o run you business critical applications with no threat from neighboring websites. In Linux VPS, there is hardly any possibility of a server crash or reboot due to interference from other accounts and robust stability provide by Linux operating system.

Linux VPS hosting offers greater uptime in comparison with shared hosting. Since users are accorded remarkable server controls, online enterprises can deploy and operate applications and software according to their needs. Similarly, you can also install firewall to prevent unauthorized intrusion from cyber criminals.

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Unrestricted resource availability and privacy in Linux VPS hosting guarantees outstanding performance of web applications for better user experience. Linux VPS hosting allows creation of private nameservers in place of nameservers of hosting provider that have host’s domain name. This empowers users to create unique domain names that help them establish their individual web identity.

Downside of Windows VPS hosting

Every type of hosting has its share of pros and cons and Windows VPS hosting is no exception to this. Linux offers Secure Shell instead of a highly user friendly user interface of Windows. SSH is identical to the command prompt offered by Windows. Hence users of unmanaged Linux VPS hosting have to be technically proficient.

In spite of such demerits, Linux VPS hosting continues to be sought after by a plethora of website owners of online enterprises. Linux VPS is also highly appreciated for stability of hosting. Fully-managed Linux VPS hosting offers convenience as well as economy of hosting. It offers almost ball advantages of a dedicated server minus the prohibitive costs.

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