Who should consider investing in Linux VPS Hosting?

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Once you decide you need a hosting account, two questions can crop up.

  • Should I choose Linux or Windows?
  • Which hosting will work best for me to start with, Shared hosting or VPS?

Let us begin with the first question.

Some say there is no any big difference between Linux and Windows, and either type works best for most people.

Yet, you will have to make a choice between the two while selecting a hosting plan.

Linux is an open source community developed operating system for computers, main frames and mobile devices. Its popularity is chiefly due to the reason it is supported on every major computer platform.

Hundreds of different versions of Linux are obtainable today. Each version is customized for a specific system, for example desk tops, mobiles or embedded systems.  

A good thing about Linux is that the GNU General Public License does not forbid intellectual rights, and it is routine for creators of Linux components to hold copyrights. Since users have the freedom to operate, share and modify the software, Linux has emerged as a popular OS for web servers.

Windows has the highest slice of desktop users. It is no wonder the largest chunk of commercial software is in Windows.

Yet, there are compelling reasons on why people choose Linux.

It offers a stable and reliable computing platform. Yes it is true Linux struggled to support new software. But that is past now. With the Linux user base rising exponentially, most of the hardware manufacturers are according Linux the same priority as they do to Windows.

It is low cost. It is a free operating system and offers the best possible value to users. Users can download and install Linux distributions without having to purchase it.

Reliability is a strong point of this OS. Linux is extremely reliable and secure.

There are scores of programs available for Linux, and fortunately most of them user friendly packages. Moreover, if you are extensive user of the internet, Linux has advanced support for TCP. This adds punch to your experience.

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It is high performance. According to users Linux delivers extremely fast performance. With a fast CPU, Linux beats Windows head on.

Linux is extensively used by business, academic and scientific organizations.  The servers at Google, Facebook, and the NY Stock Exchange use Linux to power their development programs.

However, Linux OS has certain downsides, albeit minor in nature.  Setting up and running Linux can require learning of new skills. Secondly, you may have already installed certain Windows applications that are proprietary.

In the final say, the stability, security, performance and no cost of Linux lifts this OS in favor.

Once the issue of the Operating System is resolved, the next concern is choosing of a hosting plan.

A shared hosting plan is the best option for starters. It is the most cost effective and delivers satisfactory performance to users. It is okay for users for whom uptime is not a huge issue.

But with a long term perspective, many businesses choose Virtual Private Server.

VPS is virtualization technology that converts one server into numerous virtual machines.

A user gets a server that performs as an independent computing device with the capability to run its own Operating System.

For entrepreneurs and other users who desire fast secure and scalable hosting, Linux VPS Hosting makes good sense.

The reasons are VPS offers:

  • Full root access resulting in total control for users over their hosting environment.
  • An exclusive virtual server fully allocated to the user’s site.
  • Enhanced reliability with multiple layers of security and with servers housed in high-tech data centers.
  • Easy scaling up to add resources as your business grows.

While choosing a hosting plan it is important to understand whether you need a managed or an unmanaged plan.

In shared hosting, this question does not arise because you are not provided with root access to the server.

In an unmanaged plan, you have to monitor performance and server management on your own. This can make sense provided your staff has the required skill set to perform the necessary functions like reboot and maintenance of the server.

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On the other hand, by paying a little more you get managed services where many of the above functions are taken care of by the host along with patching, security monitoring and backups.

Fortunately, most hosting vendors offer managed VPS hosting by default, thereby freeing the clients from a lot of botheration.

In a nutshell, if you are the one who prefers an OS with robust stability and security and desire a hosting plan that offers the advantages of dedicated servers sans its price, then VPS Linux Hosting is for you.

For more information on various hosting plans, call 1800-212-2022 (Toll Free).

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