AdSense WordPress Plugins You Can Use to Increase Your Earnings

Jul 25,2021 by Manoj Yadav

If you can display advertisements on your website, you can earn money easily. Out of the many ad platforms that are popular these days, the Google AdSense turns out to be the most sought-after. The AdSense is free and an excellent platform which will allow you to show ads that are very much relevant to the content on your website. It will help you earn revenues each time any visitor clicks on those ads.

When you are yet to create an AdSense account, you should not delay any further because it will increase your revenues greatly. However, before starting off you need to understand that there are some rigid guidelines which must be adhered to. Once you create an account, the greatest task for the newcomer is to decide how to then add it, while for the experienced professionals; the bigger task is to place the ads at the right places. Since it is a known fact that ads within site content will guarantee better revenues, it makes sense to use some AdSense WordPress plugins for the purpose.

AdSense in unarguably the largest advertising network today and the Google AdSense plugins are perfect for monetizing any WordPress website. The plugins will also help you to enhance the overall look of the website by letting you customize the sizes and colors of these ads. You are also free to place the ads in the ideal positions on your site to get maximum visibility and revenues.

Below are some of the best known Google AdSense plugins for the year 2018:

Ad Inserter: 

This remains one of the more robust AdSense plugins for WordPress websites which will support 16 blocks; it comes with a code preview option and visual CSS editor. Using this plugin, you can show the ads in different places before or after content, within an excerpt or a specific para or before the title. This plugin has greater than 100,000 active installs; it has also been tested for compatibility with WordPress versions. The plugin uses PHP functions to insert ad units, whether at the start of a post or in the sidebars or after paragraphs. You can even use the plugin to blacklist categories, URLs, tags etc. When you choose the Pro version, you will find more features so that you can have a total of 64 ad blocks, syntax highlights, sticky ad positioning, click tracking, GEO-tagging at the country level, Ad impression etc. You can even enjoy multiple ad insertions automatically so that you can monetize the site on any kind of device, whether PC or tablet.

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This AdSense plugin comes with a solid code base. It is an improvement over the Quick AdSense plugin and has more than 80,000 installations. It is also routinely updated to make it compatible with recent WordPress versions. Users are guaranteed to enjoy a superior website experience because of this plugin as they have complete control over the size and positioning of the ads. It is a lightweight plugin which allows the use of responsive AdSense ads and it can work with PHP functions, shortcode, quick tag, settings panel etc.

Advanced Ads:

This is a regularly updated and therefore well-maintained ad which has more than 50,000 installs. It is compatible with WordPress version 4.6 and also latest WordPress versions. You can conveniently manage ads on your website using this plugin and there is also a handy wizard which will guide you every step of the way. You can comfortably create groups ads and banners, and insert ads by creating specific instructions for showing them after publishing blogs and posts. You may even set alignment and margins for the ads using the Advanced Ads plugin; you can even disable these in newsletters or in specific web pages or hide them depending on devices. You may also use the add-on Selling Ads to sell the ads on the site.

Ad Rotate:

This plugin has been regularly updated depending on user feedback. It comes with more than 50,000 installs and it is perfect for WordPress versions until 4.9.1. Using this plugin, you may create your own ads using the HTML codes or JavaScript codes. The dashboard is very user-friendly and you can place the ads anywhere you wish to on the website. The dashboard interface is useful to users for managing and previewing ad campaigns. You are free to set an expiry time for the ads too and also track their progress. You may even monitor the ad groups to see which the best possible solution is for you.

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Ads Pro:

Finally, another vital AdSense plugin is the Ads Pro plugin which is premium and allows for easy ads management. Using this plugin, it is possible to create and show unique ads. These AdSense banners may be displayed as videos, on the sidebar, backgrounds and grids etc from the dashboard directly. It comes with more than 25 templates and filters of tags and categories. You are free to monetize the site using three billings models, CPC, CPD, and CPM. This plugin also has features which will let you display ads depending on geographical targets, user interactions, and for specific time periods in order to increase revenues.

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