Evaluation of VPS and Shared Hosting for Sites Powered by WordPress

Jul 25,2021 by Manoj Yadav

User friendly features and flexibility are the two vital attributes of WordPress that have contributed to its amazing popularity. One can leverage WordPress to power a complex website irrespective of hosting platforms including VPS or shared or simply use WordPress as a resource for blog. WordPress powered websites can be easily accessed on mobiles or any other internet enabled devices. 

Evaluation of VPS and Shared Hosting for Sites Powered by WordPress

WordPress helps new users as well as seasoned professionals to design or develop sites or enhance their web applications without any hassles. Add to this an easy accessibility to a myriad of themes and plugins that are offered by WordPress free of cost to reinforce websites with multiple features for added appeal and compelling looks. 

Factors that facilitate smooth launching of WP site or blog

There are several aspects that could influence a decision to launch your proposed website or blog by leveraging WordPress. 

One needs to have a proper knowledge about resource requirements and budgetary provision for launching a website with help of WordPress CMS. User must have a right perception of his or her technical proficiency in terms of website administration and should have a clear understanding about what to expect from the proposed web application or blog including the anticipated traffic. 

In the following discussion you will be able to understand significance of a hosting platform for seamless launching of your blog or site by using WordPress resource. 

Affordable and beginner-friendly shared hosting

Users with limited or no experience of working with web hosting providers will find shared hosting to be a right as well as affordable option. New websites or maiden web ventures are usually hosted in a shared environment because of ease of administration since every aspect of server management, OS management, security-updates, and maintenance is looked after by service provider. 

However, shared hosting lacks in terms of administrative access and users need to cope up with thousands of other accounts as far as sharing of server and other vital resources is concerned. This can cause sits to experience slow page loading and downtime if there is a sudden surge in visitor traffic. 

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It is a common experience of users to encounter resource restrictions due to overselling tactics employed by some hosts that offer shared hosting services. Moreover, crowding of websites on a single server may cause issues related with permissions that may prevent certain tasks or experiments. 

Websites can function without any issues in a shared hosting ecosystem, if the resource requirements are limited. Users are also able to benefit from remarkable economy of a multi-tenant hosting arrangement. 

VPS hosting for all-round flexibility with ambitious growth 

If your website or blog has reached a stage of maturity and is ready for expansion, then it is time to move up to VPS hosting that allows use of a Virtual Private Server with remarkable access to scalable resources and a root access to server. 

VPS hosting is a great option for enhanced technical management and flexible use of server resources and it is hardly a wonder that significant number of users have shifted their websites to VPS hosting from shared hosting. This has also resulted in reduction of cost of VPS hosting plans, which are almost close to shared hosting prices.

Before we take a look at different VPS hosting alternatives, let us take a look at various advantages of Virtual Private Server hosting over shared hosting. In order to use VPS hosing you need to possess extraordinary technical prowess of server administration unless you plan to go for managed VPS hosting plan

Unmanaged VPS hosting calls for keeping close watch on patch management, plugin upgrades, and updating of vital applications to name just a few. Failure to execute these tasks will not only impact site’s performance but can also jeopardize security of your mission critical digital assets. 

As the name suggests Virtual Private Server hosing supports privacy of server environment, thereby enhancing security of business critical data. Thanks to the root access to user account, users of VPS hosting are able to enjoy total freedom as far as administrating website performance is concerned. 

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Relevance of SSD VPS hosting

There are two basic VPS hosting options including conventional VPS hosting and SSD VPS hosting that underline different types of hardware used for storage media. Solid State Drive or SSD has been receiving considerable attention due to its impressive benefits. 

SSDs are designed as resource for virtual data storage and can be a highly effective option if combined with Virtual Private Server hosting for implementing WordPress powered websites. 

SSD VPS is leveraged for improving site speed as well as enhancing security and integrity of data.

SSD VPS hosting is miles ahead of conventional form of VPS hosting that includes use of hard disk drive for data storage. In spite of multiple advantages it has to offer, SSD hosting plans are comparable with traditional VPS hosting plans. 

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