Tips for Smart Management of WordPress Website

Jul 24,2021 by Manoj Yadav

WordPress is highly respected platform by developers and experts in web designing. Managing a WordPress site can be an overwhelming proposition for beginners. However, you can make intelligent use of some simple tips and suggestions to operate WordPress sites with confidence. 

Smart use of plugins

Presently, there are thousands of plugins for adding a large number of functionalities to any WordPress website. Many developers are tempted to use as many plugins as possible to improve functionality of a WordPress site. In fact you need to focus on quality of plugins rather than the quantity. 

Haphazard use of plugins may cause page loading issues in addition to critical problems due to lack of compatibility of certain plugins. Such glitches will only impact traffic or average number of visitors to your site. 

You must assess every plugin in terms of its overall productivity and security parameters. As such, a website’s performance is extremely crucial for its search engine rankings and overall SEO. 

Shun free themes

Although, use of free themes may sound tempting, it would be prudent to select premium themes over free themes for enhancing compelling appearance of your website with arresting design options offered by premium themes. You should remember that a theme is an essential component of the basic infrastructure of any website and therefore you must not take chances. 

election of a premium theme will enhance the longevity of your business critical website. What’s more, you can always find premium and compatible themes without significant impact on your budget. 

Choose a right hosting support

WordPress supported website can give a good start to your web venture, but it should be supported by a sound hosting service. If you spend quality time in researching and surveying hosts, then you will certainly be able to find a host with good service reputation. 

While undertaking a research for identification of the right host, one should consider some vital parameters. These parameters include possibility of service upgrades, security measures, optimum uptime guarantee, proven experience in a particular business category, and so forth. 

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In case of hosting services, there is a possibility of getting carried away by promises of free hosting or other unlimited offerings. Your mission critical website can be plagued by spamming ads and performance issues if you fall prey to free hosting gimmicks. Another useful tip to follow is to plan shopping for hosting services around festivals to leverage special discounts.

One more suggestion for improving your work efficiency is to go for a managed WordPress hosting plan offered by an established hosting provider. In a managed hosting environment, you will have ample time to concentrate on important business projects rather than getting bogged down by server performance or other technical aspects of web hosting. 

You should also make sure that the host is providing WordPress optimized hosting services in order to accelerate performance of your online business. There is a plethora of automated processes adopted by the host for automatic updates and configuration of the WordPress website. In case of any unplanned outage, your site will continue to be up and running, thanks to a range of automatic updates offered by reputed service providers. 

Significance of automated updates

Natural catastrophes or manmade disasters can be highly detrimental to any online business. In majority of situations such disasters have totally wiped out businesses as the mission critical data is destroyed and lost. In order to safeguard your business website, you must provide facility of weekly or even daily backups to protect databases and business data. Some of the plugins offer backup storage not only on servers but also on distant locations as per your preference. 

Appropriate setting of categories and tags

One must be able to appreciate precise distinction between categories and tags in order to achieve seamless ability to navigate the site while managing different aspects of WordPress. Categories are aimed at containing posts as well as articles that are related with the site. Instead of assigning your posts to a multitude of categories, it would be better to select just two categories for ease of management. 

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Tags are not different than labels on products. Every tag provides short information about the article. Ideally, you can build a repository of around 150 tags to choose from. In addition to simplifying the site management, these tips are essential to improve SEO of your WordPress site.

Value of SEO plugin

Search Engine Optimization is aimed at improving the probability of your site being found out in the vast expanse of World Wide Web. Your site will only attract desired visitors consisting of potential customers, if it has the potential to attract right visitors. Optimization of the site by implementation of user friendly and efficient SEO plugin such as Yoast is highly recommended. 


Web designers are totally justified to choose WordPress for designing or developing websites. However, WordPress platform needs to be supported by tech savvy and knowledgeable professionals. You can select managed WordPress hosting to beat the competition for getting noticed by right visitors. 

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