How to Choose WordPress Hosting Services

Jul 24,2021 by Manoj Yadav

WordPress is essentially an open-source tool and a CMS or Content Management System that is based on MySQL and PHP. It is equipped with features like a template system and a plug-in architecture. It is not only a blogging platform as most people tend to think it is; it has grown through the years into a versatile CMS which enables users to now create fully-functional sites and mobile apps.

Advantages of using this CMS: 

The greatest benefit of using this software is that is simple and user-friendly, flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of requirements. This feature is the reason for its growing popularity. Studies reveal that the platform today supports 22.5% of all sites. Most of the top-tier brands prefer to use it in their sites like Facebook, Disney, LinkedIn, CNN, eBay and many others.

How to choose different hosting services:

Web hosting is unarguably one of the principal components in making a site successful. When you choose the best web host, you can increase your visibility and improve your sales. Today, you will come across different kinds of plans like free, shared, dedicated, VPS or managed hosting. The key factors that you should consider when selecting such a provider are reliability, security and speed.

  • Free WordPress hosting services are typically offered in small groups and online forums, managed by individuals who resell their server space to earn some revenue. Here, you usually have to agree to banner advertisements and text links in exchange for the profits. Free hosts are unreliable because they may stall their free services any time without warning. So for serious businesses, free access to this software is not recommended.
  • In shared usage of this CMS, which is most popular amongst beginners because it is affordable, a large server is shared with many sites. So, service providers are able to offer economical rates. However, resources are likely to be limited because there are invariably usage restrictions. When your website begins to take up a lot of server load, you will be asked to upgrade the account. This solution is best suited for small businesses.
  • In VPS( Virtual Private Server), which involves physically partitioning a server computer into various servers depending on the client needs, there is better control over resources compared to a shared server. It also provides more privacy and may be configured for running specific server software. Many medium-sized bloggers, intermediate users and developers use this method for gaining visibility.
  • In dedicated hosting services, you can lease a physical server from the provider. This gives complete control over resources including operating system and hardware. This solution is best for top websites getting high traffic which have full-time system administrators for running the servers.
  • Finally, in managed services, you can depend on the provider completely for optimizing your website for performance. The provider will keep your site secure and maintain constant backups. So, managed services are definitely hassle-free but priced high and suited for established bloggers.
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After carefully reviewing your budget and business requirements you can choose from amongst any of the above mentioned WordPress hosting options.

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