Merits and Demerits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Jul 24,2021 by Manoj Yadav

There are many aspects of managed WordPress hosting that need to be thoroughly familiarized by everyone who is about to adopt this established version of WordPress hosting. The ideal approach would be to know merits as well as demerits of managed WordPress hosting.

The following features of WordPress hosting qualify this form of hosting to be preferred over other options. None of the downsides mentioned in the ensuing article limits use of WordPress hosting in any way.

Points in Favor of Managed WordPress Hosting

It is not difficult to understand what is meant by managed WordPress hosting because the name itself implies its meaning, but the concept is not as general as web hosting for SEO. By paying for a quality managed WordPress hosting, you are entitled to an impressive array of benefits that elevate your site’s performance by reliving you of the complex management and administrative tasks.

Maintaining updated WordPress functionalities – Managing WordPress platform can be a highly daunting task due to involvement of themes, plugins, and other factors that are required to be kept continuously updated.

The foremost advantage of managed WordPress hosting is updating of these features so that user is able to devote quality time to focus on core capabilities such as business growth and so forth. Although web hosting and SEO may give you some nearby results but specialized hosting for WordPress would give results that would have been unexpected.  

WordPress is consistently releasing updates to enhance overall WordPress hosting experience. The managed service ensures that your site is up to date in terms of themes and plugins among others. The service provider will make sure that the new plugin update is tested before updating in terms of compatibility. The managed WordPress hosting provider will even update your blog to reduce your burden.

Optimization of Site Speed – Importance of page loading speed for an enhanced browsing experience is a foregone conclusion. It is obvious that your visitors will abandon your site if it does not load instantly.

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Your managed hosting provider will make sure that the site loads within one or two seconds by implementing different things for optimization of speed such as the latest caching plugins and content delivery networks to name just a few.

By enabling caching at server end, your site speed is improved considerably. This will obviate need to deploy caching plugins as well. Established providers of managed WordPress hosting, offer cloud CDN as part of the hosting package to ensure exceptional site loading speeds.  

Protection of Digital Assets – Every website contains valuable data that is backed by your painstaking efforts. These digital assets are extremely important for smooth running of your web venture. In order to protect the site’s data your managed WordPress hosting provider will provide a reliable data backup service. Users are not required to access paid data backup service and hence can save money.

Technical Support – It is observed that due to lack of knowledge of shared hosting platform, one cannot expect reliable technical assistance for this type of hosting. On the contrary, providers of managed WordPress hosting have in depth knowledge of the platform and therefore are able to provide reliable technical support whenever any technical glitch is found to impact site’s performance.

Website Security – Service providers of managed WordPress hosting implement state of the art security measures to provide your website unmatched protection. These security measures are designed to cover physical as well as networking aspects of your web projects.

Optimization of user’s time – Since managed WordPress hosting looks after all routine aspects of web hosting including security updates, website monitoring, and updating WordPress plugins. This can save considerable time to focus on more important aspects of business. 

SEO Support – SEO is also an important aspect of managed WordPress hosted websites. When you are choosing hosting for SEO then it should meet the overall consistency of the site experience. Website hosting and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to driving organic visitors. Without proper SEO, a website doesn’t perform well. Managed WordPress hosting provides an easy platform to do SEO in an extremely convenient way. Choosing the best web hosting for SEO helps increase your business reach beyond expectations.

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Downsides of managed WordPress hosting

Cost factor- Since managed WordPress hosting is focused at business websites, it can be afforded by enterprise users. Individual users may find these services a bit costlier. Usually a managed WordPress hosting service can cost in the range of $20 to few hundreds.

If you are going to choose a basic package, then the provider will put restriction on number of site visitors for a given period. If the allocated number exceeds, then users are required to pay more.

For full time bloggers, using managed WordPress hosting should be too costly because of the amazing features offered by enterprise class managed WordPress hosting services.

Relative lack of control

Since most of the technical aspects of WordPress hosting are looked after by you managed hosting service provider, users are not able to access the controls apart from some functions provided on the dashboard, which will take care of most of your requirements. However, vital functions such as WordPress updates, and cache plugins, are looked after by the managed WordPress host.


From the above discussion you can understand that there are not many demerits of WordPress hosting to prevent you from adopting the same for looking after your site management. WordPress host can provide you complete peace of mind since all necessary aspects of web hosting are duly taken care of by managed WordPress host. This underlines the reason why managed WordPress hosting is ideal for business websites.

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