Benefits of WordPress Cloud Hosting – They Work so Good Together

Jul 25,2021 by Manoj Yadav

When it comes to website development, the most fundamental thing that matters is the Content Management System, also known as CMS. One of the most popular CMS platforms is WordPress. It was originally designed as a blogging platform. However, now users have realized its benefits and therefore have started using it for creating entire sites. Current estimates point out that this CMS platform is used either as blogs or websites for around 75 million projects. This immense popularity is due to three basic reasons –

  • Reason 1 – Numerous themes are available through WordPress or 3rd parties for creating design and structure of websites. This makes the website formation and design process easier.
  • Reason 2 – There is a wide array of plug-ins available at WordPress that help website builders in expanding the functionalities. In the official directory, there are more than forty thousand plug-ins available.
  • Reason 3 – Best part of WordPress is that the entire system is open source in nature. This means the site builder is capable of manipulating the code in whatever manner he/she wants.

You can build website pages, manage them, give response to comments, create online store, and do almost anything virtually that is needed with the platform designed for SEO. WordPress provides features as well as functions that help in creating a website with proper categories, pages, and posts that are conducive to easy search engine crawling. This ultimately gives the website owner or manager to get indexed by the search engine easily, thereby helping in getting ranked on SERP (Search Engine Rank Page) relatively easier.

Another great advantage WordPress provides website owners is through provision of a wide array of themes, which ultimately help in creating responsive design. As most of the website visits nowadays come from mobile devices, responsive designs help in easy discovery of the sites by these devices through search engines.  Mobile friendly responsive designs therefore increases footfall in the site and at the same time enhances conversion rate too.

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WordPress is one of the most trusted names in the Content Management System (CMS) domain. Some of the most popular sites such as BBC America, TechCrunch, eBay, The New Yorker, Xeros, Best Buy, and others use WordPress.

Now you know why WordPress is a leading CMS. However, it’s nothing without proper and adequate hosting provisions. This is where the need of good hosting service plays important role. One of the most advanced technologies that are in vogue is definitely cloud server hosting.

Cloud hosting is becoming progressively popular among users because of the simple fact that it’s extremely easy to use and also has multiple advantages over traditional hosting. They say clouds are fast and the websites hosted there become equally fast. However, many computer scientists have pointed it out that clouds are faster than even the supercomputers. As efficiency of clouds are higher, they are also highly affordability in nature. Another major advantageous point of clouds is that they are highly flexible in nature. This essentially means that there is on-demand delivery of resources on a real time basis. An example will make it clearer for you to understand. Many service providers give you per second basis billing, which is definitely a big thing.

Managers of leading SEO companies are of the opinion that usage of these two technologies – WordPress on one hand and cloud hosting on the other – helps in faster delivery, readiness for mobiles, and availability of wide range of features. When you use WordPress cloud hosting, you get the advantage of cloud hosting, on one hand, and WordPress CMS, on the other.

There are 2 definite reasons for you to use cloud-hosted Wordpress and they are –

Benefit 1 – Easy Integration of Managed Hosting

Clouds are popular because of the simple reason that you don’t have to worry about either technical administration or maintenance. Any problem related to WordPress cloud hosting can be solved with a simple single click when you use managed cloud service.

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Benefit 2 – High Uptime

When you use a cloud service, the uptime automatically increases exponentially. This is because of the very nature or architecture of cloud hosting. Clouds are not based upon a single machine server but on an interconnected set of servers. Even if one server crashes, the copy of the same data is available in other connected servers in the cloud system. That’s why your website never goes offline. When one of the physical machines in the cloud network is down, the other servers chip in to provide the required support to the website owner. Outages have become irrelevant with the ushering in of the cloud concept. That’s why uptime of the sites becomes extremely high, on one hand, and becomes highly reliable, on the other.  

Other benefits are also available such as availability of CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), growth readiness, optimized servers, and security.


You can use WordPress cloud hosting because they not only help you in creating beautiful and responsive websites but also state of the art 100 percent solid state drive clou

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