What is Radiant CMS?

CMS is a Content Management System.  A CMS is a software application that contains set of connected programs. These programs are of extreme benefit for creation of digital contents and to manage them efficiently.

A CMS is an effective tool to edit, archive, publish or create web site page contents, articles, blogs, press releases, etc. It can effectively edit or add an event calendar, inventory lists with descriptions, and view reports and statistics data.  It has multiple utility in Content management.

A CMS is very useful in corporate content management, enterprise content management and website content management. CMS provides capability to number of users with different levels of permissions, to manage a website or its content.

What is Radiant CMS?

Radiant CMS is a very simple content management system. It is built by using the programming language for creation of CMS, the Ruby on Rails.  Ruby on Rails runs on Ruby programming language and is an open source web application framework.

Radiant CMS is licensed under the permissive free software license issued by Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT.  It is of use in business or non profitable charity organizations.

Advantages of Radiant CMS:

– Radiant CMS is an open source content management system.

– Radiant CMS is very effective for small team of content creators.

– Radiant CMS has a very effective and attractive interface for users.

– Radiant CMS allows flexibility in using templates in snippets, parts of pages, content layouts, and language with customized tagging.

– Radiant CMS is a high quality plug in system with extension service.

– Radiant CMS uses simplified user management system with simple permissions.

Radiant CMS is loaded with much functionality that manages websites easily, and is a simple content management system for the users. Radiant simplifies management of contents.

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