How to Deploy a Magento on the working of Alibaba Cloud?

Introduction about the Magento

The Magento is an open platform that helps in delivering features and benefits which are mandatory for growth on any online platform existing these days. For the people who are seeking a solution which is highly enhanced for Magento and offers an enhanced security combined with holistic and integrated approach of working for sales enhancement.

Basic requirements:

• You are required to Install the complete technology of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) along with the stack that is working in line with your Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

Deploying the Magento

Here you have to login to the Alibaba Cloud ECS server along with the Apache web server, the PHP connected.

Step 1: Creation of the complete Database and the present User for Magento functioning:

  1. You must select the instance name in the RDS console for navigating the configuration process page so as to have a completely particular instance.
  2. You should scroll the Account Management option for Database user collection. Then you have to click on the Create Account.
  3. Completely Fill all the compulsory details of technologies as the account name and the Certified Database.
  4. This marks the setting up of a new account for the Magento.
  5. Then we are successful in creating a full data system. Scroll to the Catalog Management by clicking on the Database.
  6. Database is created, then the ApsaraDB for the RDS actually allows us to set up a network along the Internet.
  7. Land up to the Security Control system which is working. Then click on the OK option.

Step 2: Creation of a user that is having no root along with the privileges:

  1. You should create a new user root present.
  2. Later you are required to enter the complete user credentials and relevant details into the Magneto system.

Step 3: You must now Download the Magento:

  1. For downloading, sign up the complete system of the Magento files.
  2. Upon Downloading you have to transfer the zip file on to the Alibaba Cloud server.
  3. Then you must copy the content on the list of directory that has a link into “/var/www/html”.

Step 4: You now have to make the Configuration of the Apache to serve Magento:

  1. Once configuration is done, you have to actually create a completely simulated host platform for the Apache function handling along the Magento traffic.

Step 5: Once done the Configuration of the Magento is done:

  1. Configuration of the Magento is by using web UI. You are required to open up your browser and scroll through the complete domain name of server or the public IP.
  2. The Magento installation wizard shows that the installation has been completed.
  3. Choice of the type of relational database management is done by using the MySQL with username and password.
  4. Fill up web access page with the storage category for management of business by clicking on continue option.
  5. Click on Admin account and opt for the ‘Go to Backend’ in order to have the access of the admin console or the ‘Go to Frontend’.
  6. All the management processes such as the add or delete, making the catalogs completely all are done through the Magento console.

Congrats, your website system has been successfully installed it is up and successively being run on the Alibaba Cloud ECS (Ubuntu 14.04).

Final Step-optional: It is about the Alibaba Cloud Products by using technologies as Alibaba Cloud WAF, Alibaba Cloud Monitor. In Alibaba Cloud WAF you are offered complete protection against the web-based attacks, as well as SQL injections, Malicious larva, working issues, related websites attacks. The WAF filters out several malicious access which are making an attempt for lessening the performance of HTTP/HTTPS flood attacks on servers.

Alibaba Cloud Monitor is accustomed to offer in-depth insights into your cloud deployments. The Cloud Monitor provides progressive analytics on crucial metrics for the central processor utilization and it also additionally enables you to customize your specific needs of business needs.

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