How to Create E-Mail Account in Cpanel?

Feb 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav
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There are many features of cPanel and one of them is interface for e-mail accounts. This helps user manage domain specific e-mail account. Users are able to create e-mail accounts for domains.

Creation of e-mail account in cPanel

If you desire to use username as your e-mail, then you are required to add it as e-mail account. Following procedure needs to be adapted for creation of e-mail account in c-panel.

After logging in to your cPanel go to the ‘Mail Section’ and click on ‘e-mail accounts’. Note the drop-down menu next to the field for domain name. Enter desired name in the space for e-mail and choose domain name from the drop-down list.

In case, you are operating more than one domain, then you can add multiple domains from drop down list for selection of domain names.

You are not permitted to email name ‘shadow’ for creating e-mail address, since it is reserved.

Select the password field and enter password of your choice. You need to add the desired password twice for confirmation. We strongly advise to select a password that is strong and secure. Strength of a password is graded on one to hundred scale.

Many hosting providers fix the minimum strength of password for added security. You can also use password generator feature for selecting a green password.

The next step is to assign ‘Mailbox Quota’. This is an important step, as it will define the quantum of disk space for storing or using e-mails by the account. Users are advised to restrict Mailbox Quota to match mail servers. Remember that thirty two bit operating systems can assign quota up to two GB only. For greater space you may opt for sixty four bit OS.

Users can not expect to receive notifications regarding hundred per cent use of assigned quota as soon as the limit is reached. This is because calculation of Mailbox Quota happens only once in four hours.

Once you have made selection for mailbox quota you are ready to click ‘Create Account’.

Creation of ‘do-not-reply’ e-mail address in cPanel

If you happen to be an advanced user, then you may require adding feature of ‘do not reply’ email while sending mails regarding notifications to e-addresses of your clients.

In order to prevent in coming mails and block access of SMTP to your address, follow the steps as mentioned ahead.

After logging in to cPanel click Forwarders in the ‘Mail’ section and select ‘Add Forwarder’.

Once you are on the page of ‘Add a New Forwarder’ page, enter email account name and choose domain. You need to ‘select discard and send an error to sender…’ followed by entering failure message of your choice.

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