7 Key Benefits of Google Cloud Hosting for your Business

Apr 03,2021 by Nishant Nath

The cloud platform stands as a cornerstone in fortifying your digital presence. Embraced by businesses of all scales, it unlocks a spectrum of advantages, offering computing prowess, storage solutions, and streamlined operations—a testament to the benefits of cloud hosting.

Technology behemoth Google offers public cloud computing services to organizations far and wide through its suite Google Cloud Platform or GCP. GCP also offers cloud hosting services. These hosting services utilize the same infrastructure as Google uses for its end-user Products-Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Google offers free cloud server hosting services for the first 12 months through a trial plan. Once this trial expires, you can choose any of the plans available on its platform. If you are not looking for a paid plan, you can opt for the free version of Google Cloud Platform: GCP free tier.

The free tier allows you to get hands-on experience with many of its popular products with certain monthly limits. These free services do not expire.

Introduced in 2011, Google Cloud hosting has attained popularity over the last few years on account of the cloud hosting benefits it offers over other hosting services.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting, Top 7 Benefits of cloud hosting

1) Better Pricing Plans

Google cloud hosting plans are cheaper in comparison to the ones offered by its competitors. They also offer per second billing to consumers. A key benefit of Google Cloud is that you are not restricted to its subscription if you have purchased any of its plans. You can cancel the subscription at any point in time. Besides, if you find better plans, you can switch your subscription also.

On the other hand, in Microsoft Azure, you get only 5% discount in the first 12 months. Besides, you have to pay in advance. On the contrary, in Google Cloud hosting, there are no upfront costs. Then you also get the trial version that’s available for free. Furthermore, Google offers handsome discounts on all its services which is incentivizing users to adopt its cloud hosting services. AWS and Azure are almost six times more expensive than GCP.

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2)  Superior Performance

Google has improved the performance of its cloud hosting service at the enterprise level. Any user can remotely access the data from any location on the planet. Google boasts of gigantic computing infrastructure; as a result, it allows execution of complex operations through its network.

Google Cloud machines can manage any number of visitors at a time. So, if you are using GCP, you will experience a decrease in website loading time.

3) Live Migration

Live migration is one of the best features of Google Cloud hosting. Neither Azure nor AWS offer this benefit. Live migration involves the migration of virtual machines. Google can accomplish this as they have a very large network, you can easily move your machines without incurring downtime.

4) Private Network

Google provides you with a private network as a result of which you enjoy maximum uptime and efficiency. A private network means Google offers its own network to all its clients. Private network is a salient feature of Google cloud hosting service. Google uses fiber-optic cables in its network. These are more efficient than any other kind of cables and can handle a lot of traffic.

5) Consistent Growth

Google offers its cloud server hosting services through its large infrastructure which is being developed rapidly. They are trying to establish data centers in every part of the globe. With data centers in over 17 locations, they are planning to expand to other areas to further augment their network.

6) Control and Security

Google is currently using its security model to secure its own products including Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search. The technology giant boasts of a large team of security professionals who help Google safeguard data and applications hosted on their servers. All this data is protected through robust encryption measures. Google also has a large network of internet service providers that help them create a rock-solid network.

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7) Backup

Google works on its redundant back-up technology. If some part of a component does not work properly, Google will create a backup. So, your data will be stored in multiple locations (minimum two locations). By maintaining multiple copies of your data, Google ensures you don’t lose critical information. This allows for seamless functioning of your business operations. Also, you don’t need to back up your data or applications manually.

The Final Word

So, these are the major benefits of Google Cloud hosting that make it a suitable choice for flourishing businesses. In addition to hosting, GCP also offers services for computing, storage as well as application development. In case you seek any of these services, get in touch with our cloud experts and get a super-customized cloud solution today!

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