5 Characteristics of an Efficient Data Center you need to know about

Jul 23,2021 by Manoj Yadav

The current digital landscape is witnessing major disruptions, presenting significant challenges as well as opportunities to businesses. Businesses that adapt quickly to this shifting landscape are the ones that will emerge successful in the long run. As companies look for newer IT operating models to downsize their costs, data center facilities will play a pivotal role in meeting the changing IT demands of organizations in each sector. 

All the major IT trends, be it Big data, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of things (IoT) are all dependent on data centers to meet their needs for speed, performance as well as processing power. CIOs looking for a data center partner should consider various factors before associating with one. It involves a significant amount of planning and research to ensure that the business is not affected in case of a wrong judgement.   

This blog is an attempt to help technology leaders in their quest for an efficient data center and the facts they should consider before signing the dotted line:

Adequate Space and Capacity

Data center facilities that are built to attain peak density are based on high-end virtualization technology, having an aim to meet the demands of businesses for smoother computing, bandwidth, and storage capacity. Smart data center facilities are consistently hunting for techniques that can help them to boost resource utilization and maintain a capital investment bracket. These facilities make the most out of their existing resources by increasing the number of servers per rack and decreasing the number of racks and power circuits. Data centers reliant on convergence and consolation strategy provide enough space and capabilities to businesses to innovate and stay ahead of the competition curve.

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Superior Scalability

A data center that fails to support the growing demands of a business is a failed venture. Scalability is an essential factor in many organizations, and IT organizations are no different. Data center providers should ensure that their facility includes all the requisite components and infrastructure that foster simple and prompt upgrades, and accommodate rapid growth in performance. 

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Besides, they should strive to offer modular systems, so that organizations across different verticals can address and adapt to changing business conditions – particularly, the conditions that are not predictable – without leading to major disruptions. On top of that, the inclusion of on-demand infrastructure services is optimal, as it enables developing and scaling applications in order to meet the needs for security, governance and data integrity.

Cooling Efficiency

It is no more a hidden truth that an adequate cooling architecture can help in saving a data center’s energy footprint. A host of techniques are utilized by different service providers, such as hot aisle/cold aisle set up to curtail energy consumption for cooling. The implementation of cold/hot aisle allows packing equipment in the densest pattern and extends the life of equipment in racks, by ensuring that inlet air temperature meets the ASHRAE standards.

Robust Techniques

Another important trait of an efficient data center facility is that they have strict methods and protocols, including activity tracking and control access that ensure whether these different processes are being rendered properly without compromising on any critical factor.  Besides, their data center infrastructure is managed by experts, and a great emphasis is given on their training, industry collaboration and continuous improvement. They have techniques that mitigate the risks caused by external factors, improve the quality of services, and ensure maximum business performance.

Top-most Security

Disasters are unpredictable; they can cause mild to unrecoverable losses to a business. Thus, it is important that your data center benefactor has tabled well-documented disaster recovery plans, top-level security provisions, such as biometric, mantraps, CCTV surveillance, key card access, firewalls, antivirus, vulnerability scanners, etc. that can prevent all illicit and unwanted actions.

The prime searching criterion in every business leader’s data center selection list should be – a data center that aligns their business needs with IT requirements in a holistic way.

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Do not sign the dotted line before examining the factors mentioned above. Try considering colocation Rack Space, as it helps in saving capital investments incurred on constructing, managing, and monitoring a data center.

It is important to remember that partnering with the right data center provider that has enterprise-grade equipment and resources will allow you to capitalize on upcoming market opportunities and focus on what matters the most for your business.

Selecting a benefactor that offers a bouquet of services buoyed with state-of-the-art resources is indispensable for the continued business functioning and future growth.

If you are looking for a data center in India that embraces new technologies, strategies, and experts to deliver innovation and agility, get in touch with our data center experts at 1-800-212-2022. 

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