Multi-tenant Data Center: A Profit Multiplier

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Forecasting the future of the IT world has always been an elusive undertaking. Amidst this, the reports and the studies conducted by top-notch firms suggest the enlargement of IT ecosystem with each passing day. It is believed that companies building and maintaining their own IT architecture may become the exception rather than a mandate in next 10-15 years. Right from the small scale businesses to giant enterprises, almost every organization is in a quest to embrace offsite IT solutions. A couple of key reasons behind this dramatic shift are – exponential cost savings and access to world-class power and cooling capabilities that keeps IT ecosystem functional. Other plausible reasons are scarcity of space to add new IT components; lack of resources to meet scaling business needs; fear of unwarranted attacks/natural calamities at self-owned buildings, and dearth of technical prowess.

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Today, multiple offsite alternatives have overlaid the market, but the one that has succeeded to seek the attention of CEOs is public cloud computing services. It is continually making efforts to streamline business operations while enabling clients’ to leverage extensive pool of computing resources and gain access to requisite data/applications anywhere, anytime. In addition to this, another alternative that has come to light is – multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs).

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Sometimes referred to as ‘colocation facilities’, MTDCs are designed to cater to the requirements of IT-hungry organizations. These facilities house numerous telecommunication networks in a single facility, which differentiate them from other alternative for organizations. Well, a majority of these facilities are found in urban areas, which makes them a major alternative for establishing a link with other communication systems in the region.
To put it simply, it provides power, cooling, bandwidth, and physical/network/application security required to house critical IT assets. The current market economy suggests that not only small-scale and large scale businesses are leveraging multi-tenant data centers, but also many of the telecommunication network carriers and cloud hosting benefactors are making effective use of these facilities to house their IT assets. A multi-tenant data center provides enterprises with exponential cost savings.

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Another study conducted by a leading research firm IDG highlights the status about burgeoning MTDC industry . The report also forecasts the top reasons why a large number of organizations are gearing up for MTDCs, and the commendable job done by these facilities is driving business growth.
Why Multi-Tenant Data Centers are Gaining Traction?

With the shifting tides of data center requirements, most of the CIOs are moving their business steering towards these state-of-the-art data center facilities. The IDG survey unveils that more than 80% of surveyed companies are still with the onsite model. However, when asked about their futuristic plans, more than 60% companies said they looking forward to make a plunge to new models.

The figure below explicitly illustrates that offsite manage hosting and public cloud services are the most prevalent choices, which is then closely followed by carrier-neutral MTDCs. The figure also deciphers that the consumption of public cloud and network-neutral k

facilities to expand in the next few years. Well, MTDCs has all the positive signs of growth owing to multiple factors. It goes without saying that the popular cloud computing model – public cloud and third-party managed hosting benefactors have an impressive hold on these specialized architectures, and they do get benefitted, largely.

Current and Planner Data Center Solutions

MTDCs: A Win-win Alternative

  • Well-architected data center facilities are designed to cater to the power and cooling demands of high-density servers and networking equipment.  
  • Apart from meeting cooling and power demands, it also ensures multiple layers of security for mission-critical data and round the clock monitoring.
  • Businesses spanning across different verticals can house their IT infrastructure in a facility which is hemmed in by multiple network carriers, security systems, and expert IT workforces.
  • Provides vistas of performance and pricing benefits by directly leveraging cloud and networking solutions instead of gaining access to such services through standard Internet connections
  • Helps curtail CapEx and OpEx costs and boosts performance and network availability.
  • Allow end users to provision additional capacity (network bandwidth, storage capacity, computing systems, etc.) on as-required basis.
  • Provides fastest integration, lower latency and a competitive supplier environment so that your business critical application remains on and available for your end users.
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The survey unveils that IT backup and redundancy alternatives available at multi-tenant data centers are the two major drivers responsible for adoption. For a host of purposes, these facilities are utilized. Among all, the most popular and common usage of MCDC facilities are:

  • Housing business-essential applications
  • Ultra-fast IT backup
  • Redundancy alternatives

To put into perspective, around 31% of the respondents that participated in the survey said that all their data center architecture is hosted in such specialized facilities. However, it is expected that in coming few months, the number of deployments is expected to reach 41 percent.

Have a look over the following priority list that explicitly defines different business goals for which these facilities are utilized the most:

Priority Ranking

Select a Facility that Caters To Your Business Needs Efficiently

A large number of facilities are available today that offer a portfolio of colocation alternatives, ranging from cabinets for individual servers to private suites that ensure fastest data center deployments. However, not all service providers can offer both quantifiable and tangible metrics, responsible for uninterrupted functionality of a business. Select a vendor that owns a secure and technology-updated facility, and allows its clients to easily capitalize on new vistas of market opportunities.

If you are looking forward to house your mission-critical IT servers in a secure and competent facility, you can take a tour of our data center India, or call us toll free at – 1800-212-2022.

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