4 Proven Tips to Secure Your Cheapest Dedicated Servers

Nov 11,2021 by Manoj Yadav
Cheapest Dedicated Servers

Data loss has a devastating impact on a company’s capital and productivity. More often than not, security breaches occur because of a lack of attention to detail. Here are 4 tips specifically for making sure your cheapest dedicated server stays secure at all times – consider using them now.

Computer network security has always been a challenge for all kinds of businesses. The more you rely on the web to run your business, the more susceptible you are to losing everything in a cyber-attack. You may lose your data, suffer from downtime, or even be forced to pay ransom money. But these are not the only ways businesses suffer from cyber-attacks. In fact, the most common attack is sending spam emails with malicious links and attachments through email campaigns. Server security from such cyberattacks is a big concern for most businesses, and it’s more crucial if you have the cheapest dedicated servers in use.

Even if you have a zillion dollars worth of cyber protection tools, there is no way for your website to run completely error-free. But with the correct information and the right hosting services in hand, dealing with cyberattacks can be a lot more manageable. It’s where Windows dedicated hosting enters the picture. It gives full admin access, instant provisioning, a reliable network, guaranteed uptime, and other useful features to maintain security standards.

When you have your website hosted on the cheapest dedicated server, not getting worried about security is impossible. In such a case, check out the tips listed below to ensure your network security. But first, let us brief you on what dedicated servers are.

Dedicated Servers- A Brief Introduction

A dedicated server is like a computer that’s only used and maintained for your account. You get to own the resources on the machine, including processor time, memory, storage space, inter-process communication, and bandwidth. It means you’ll have full ownership of all the resources available on the server.

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Over the last decade, Dedicated Servers have emerged as a sophisticated option for hosting. They are ideal for e-commerce stores, gaming servers, video streaming, social networking, hosting blogs or even storing large amounts of data. These servers are specifically optimized for particular needs and offer complete control over the server. It’s why these servers cost high compared to VPS and shared servers.

Today, many service providers offer cheap dedicated servers and features that vary depending on the specific use case. You only need to select a server architecture that maintains the security standards, i.e. Windows dedicated hosting servers.

Tips to Secure your Cheapest Dedicated Servers

Using the cheapest dedicated server plans has many benefits, which is why they have been in existence for a couple of decades now. With these servers in place, you can serve many clients without worrying about costs or other technical drawbacks. Dedicated servers ensure high data security in a secure environment and offer you the fullest control over your resources. It gives you the autonomy to decide how your resources are used, which results in increased productivity, reduction in energy consumption, and better server control.

If you wish to get all these benefits, it’s essential to maintain the security of your servers. Check out the tips given below to keep the servers safe from cyberattacks.

1.  Use Third-Party Security Applications for Cheap Dedicated Server

There was a time when server admins always had a hard time securing their servers. The reason was that they had to buy expensive solutions from vendors, and this drove up costs. But today, you don’t have to worry about security anymore with the help of third-party security solutions.

Thankfully, these third-party security solutions remove the burden of spending vast sums of money securing your servers. With dedicated servers, you’ll get full root access. So, whether you need a malware scanner or DDoS protection software- install any application of your choice to protect the server. That’s it. You won’t have to spend anything on security anymore.

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2.  Frequently Update Your System

Computing technology is becoming more sophisticated, and so are the ways to hack them. The problem with hacking is that once someone breaks in, it is hard to clean up. Further, it can create a massive hole in security for your valuable data.

With cheap dedicated servers, you need to take extra precautions to ensure that your business data remains inaccessible to unwanted third parties. Encrypting your data can prevent hackers from gaining access or tampering with your information.

Thus, it’s recommended to have the latest software installed at all times. Not only will the updates protect your system, but they also refine the server and applications, making them even better for your business.

3.  Change the Listening Ports

If you operate a web server with Windows dedicated hosting, your server’s listening ports may be open or closed to the outside world.

An outsider tries to check on the ports of your host, all they have to do is fire up a port scanner or Google “port checker”. Once they have that information, they are just one step away from breaching your cheap dedicated server. It means exposure to possible data theft, denial of service attacks and many other malicious activities.

By changing the listening ports of your dedicated servers, you can keep them secure in the long run. Further, there are various firewall techniques that you can use to protect your OS from being hacked. And since cheap dedicated servers are available for all budgets, it makes even more sense to secure any vulnerabilities in the OS by installing a firewall securely.

4.  Don’t forget to Create An Access Hierarchy

Uncontrolled root access can cause you to lose control of your servers, but giving any users root access means that they may be able to do damage. You can’t be sure who has access to your server settings. If someone makes a change to the wrong place, it could cause damage to your site and data.

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Thankfully, there’s a controlled way to manage the root user on dedicated servers. By creating unique user profiles, you can give each user their access levels, which you can change at any time. With this secure setup, you can control what users can do during their time on your server – perfect for both admins and users alike.

You can create custom user permissions for enhanced security that allow certain team members limited access but transfer specific commands. This way, you can control what they can do and provide management levels of access when necessary. Defining an access hierarchy will even secure your cheapest dedicated servers.


One of the most significant advantages of using a Dedicated Server is that you have complete control over your data. It means that you can customize its security settings to suit your needs. But, this option is not available with the cheapest dedicated server plan. Security of your dedicated servers is one issue you can’t afford to overlook. If you don’t have a data security policy yet for your cheapest dedicated server, it’s high time you came up with one now. You’ll never know when a cyberattack will strike next.   

But you don’t need to worry. Simply follow the tips shared above to keep the server secure at no additional cost. If you need any further help to maintain the security practices, then consult the Go4hosting experts by calling at +91-120-6025102.

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