The Go4hosting Advantage for Dedicated Servers

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav
  • Select the best-in-class model for your business

With Go4hosting, customers are ensured our complete series of hosting services related to dedicated servers. Each of our servers is integrated with futuristic-generation based elements. Every server is created and arranged by our experts, which are assembled in a fixed amount of time.

We provide various ranges of extremely cheap dedicated server hosting, which are ideal for the client’s requirements as well as demands within any organization.

Customers can host their website and deploy their well-equipped framework, or personalize their servers to fulfil the projects, in only some clicks. Once customers store their information over our resilient infrastructure, customers will be benefitted from the accessible server for their crucial usage along with the mandatory assurance.

  • How our dedicated servers differ from others?

If the customer selects a dedicated server, they are guaranteed that all their resources are allotted to them, for maximum performance. Our servers are created, arranged and managed by our experts, in regards to provide them modified configurations for their projects.
We will deploy their servers in the minimum time, within all our data center India and around the world. Customers will get benefitted from a safe, extremely flexible network, to assure persistence of service for the clients.
By designing infrastructure with our dedicated servers, customers will create a durable technical interface for their various business applications. The measurability of their infrastructure is moreover improved by the capability to interlink their servers with our solutions, like Private Cloud and Public Cloud.
If customers are hosting their servers with us, they will get benefitted from creative and ideal solutions over our complete model, like water cooling for energy proficiency, as well as the anti-DDoS solution designed by our professionals. We consistently work for their futuristic requirements.

  • Scope of Services
  1. Server Setup
  2. cPanel Installation
  3. Firewall Set Up
  4. CMS Optimization
  5. 3rd Party App Support 
  6. Full Web Server Support
  7. Data Migration
  8. Security Advancements
  9. Timely Security Alerts
  10. Full Control Panel Assistance
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When industries require full management across their dedicated server provider, from the type of hardware which the host server executes to the best selection of the Operating System along with application stack, they approach to Go4hosting. We are the leading players in Cloud servicesin India, with the distinction of constructing the largest Tier 3 Datacenter and thus we provide the most suitable Dedicated Hosting service in India.

If customers desire all the advantages of in-house servers with basically null investment in areas like hardware, power, cooling as well as management, we have just the right solution. 

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  • Working of Dedicated Servers

1. Firstly Select the Desired Hardware and Software 
Customers need to decide which server-based hardware are they looking for, customers will also indicate the provider and we deploy the hardware and then do the installation of the Operating System of their choice as well as the application stack they need. Whether they desire the Windows kernel or several Linux distros, we will have it all done and get it executed within our world-class Tier 3 datacenters in India.

2. Select the Framework
In case they wish Hybrid Services with Network services, Operating System Management, Storage Services, Database Management, Application as well as Network monitoring along with the Backup services or they wish to handle their dedicated hosting server externally, Go4hosting allows customers to make the decision which works suitably for them.

3. Deployment 
Configuring up an ‘in house hosting solution’ might take some months or can even take a few years. If customers choose Dedicated Hosting services from Go4hosting, their hosting server will go live in just a few days. When business requirements get translated into the real world benefits, we provide customers with the right services.

When customers choose Dedicated Hosting from Go4hosting, not just their industry has to take care of zero CapEx for purchasing IT hardware and configuring up power, cooling along with the connectivity, customers even receive highly lowered operating pricing plans as we provide the extremely competitive plans within the business.

  • The Ultimate Advantage
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Go4hosting has the most desired and world-class dedicated server hosting framework in India. We are the leading provider of various hosting services in India and also own the best Tier 3 Data center Migration and thus delivering the services globally. Our Data centers have numerous layers of protection, high power, cooling and several gigabits of web connectivity for various services. The concrete proof of our proficient infrastructure is displayed in our 99.95% uptime, with assured guarantees.

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