Enhance and maximize your business with our robust Virtual Cloud Servers

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Our virtual Cloud Servers comes with powerful performance, durable servers which are constructed to assist customers to enhance and measure their business rapidly and simply. With our free VM Cloud hosting services as well as 24*7*365 assistance, our servers which driven my speed and quality are a wise choice for client’s cloud hosting requirements.

We provide our customers with an experience enriched with API-driven cloud over the world’s ruling cloud-based platform, which is supported by the speed and innovation. It is simple to begin and enhance their cloud with familiar APIs as well as a Control Panel.

Why choose VMware Cloud?

  • We enable our customers to execute, handle, connect as well as secure all their applications across any cloud.
  • We provide our customers with the choice of the cloud which suitable fulfils their application as well as business requirements.
  • Visibility
  • Acquire insight over both public as well as private clouds to understand where workloads are utilized and thus how resources are getting consumed.
  • Simplicity
  • Utilize an individual functional along with security-based framework on both public and private clouds to reduce threats, minimize complication as well as enhance ROI.
  • Flexibility
  • Customers can deploy an application to the cloud without any modifications, re-updates or conversions of application based modernization procedures.
  • Security
  • We minimize risk as well as vulnerabilities with major models and applications with persistent security infrastructures as well as policies.

Cloud Server based Classifications

General Purpose Virtual Servers

This category has VMs executing overloads of tenant hosts. Minor sizes, balanced resources with CPU as well as network burst ability offer lesser cost points along with the suitable value.

General Purpose

Use Cases:

  • Test and development
  • Low to medium based traffic web servers
  • Batch processing
  • Network appliances
  • Small and medium databases

Workload Optimized Virtual Servers

This category also has VMs executing over multi-tenant hosts. Shorter sizes, as well as workload-driven styles, enable for cost-performance modification for their specific application.
Compute Modified
Utilize for medium to huge web servers, various application servers, network appliance and batch processing.
I/O Optimized
Utilize for mid to large relational databases as well as NoSQL data stores.
Memory Modified
Utilize for mid to large caches, search indexes, along with in-memory analytics

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Workload optimized on metal servers
This category is API-powered, immediately provisioned, single-tenant, and has bare-metal servers. Provided with complete host, workload-based styles offer huge-scale cost effectiveness along with high and persistent performance.
Compute Modified
Utilize for huge-scale web servers, batch processing, application servers, as well as network appliances
I/O Optimized
Utilize for huge-scale online transaction processing (OLTP), NoSQL data stores and relational database.
Memory Modified
Utilize for huge-scale caches, as well as search indexes with in-memory analytics
Our Remarkable features

Have a look at all our provided features with our free cloud server.
Completely redundant power as well as networking protected by company-based SLAs.
Experience protection of your data and thus it is well secured utilizing tools such as Cloud Security Groups as well as private networking capacities.
Hybrid Capacity
Simply incorporate with public and private clouds along with the dedicated servers with us.
Global Availability
Customers get access to our best-in-class data centers worldwide which enables them to deploy their applications to minimize latency.

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