Top Reasons to Go for Dedicated Server Hosting

Sep 19,2022 by Akash Jaiswal
Dedicated Server Hosting

In this era of the internet, where a number of businesses are conducted online and create their website, selecting the best hosting plan will be apparent. 

Several options are available for the best hosting plan for your website and application, including Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Shared Hosting, a Dedicated Server, or a Virtual Private Server.

Usually in the initial stage, with a low budget and smaller requirements, enterprises may choose shared hosting or VPS hosting. But, there will be a time come, when your business continues to grow, that time you will wonder when you need dedicated server resources. It’s because dedicated resources help to raise the traffic on your website. Now, the question arose, should you buy a dedicated server hosting plan?

That’s the reason for this blog; we will identify when you will require to switch to a dedicated server hosting. And also, what are the charming benefits that your business will leverage? 

So, let’s begin with what dedicated server hosting is.

Dedicated Server Hosting – What Do You Understand By It?

A dedicated server refers to a remote server that is dedicatedly allocated to enterprises, individuals, and applications. In this, you will not share your resources with another website like shared hosting. Although, unlike shared hosting, split resources like Disk Space, RAM, and Bandwidth will not be shared. As a result, your website will be isolated, and independent and you will be the one who will run the server. 

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Types of Dedicated Hosting

Unmanaged and managed are two main types of dedicated server hosting.

In unmanaged dedicated Server, you will be responsible to manage and configure the server. Whereas in managed dedicated hosting, you will have a service provider who will manage and configure the server.

Besides, additional degrees of support for software updates, modifications, and other difficulties may be provided by your hosting provider. Using Managed Dedicated Hosting, the service web host provider will keep the server up to date, administer it, and make changes for you. Without the aid of a web hosting company, you can have total control over the resources provided you have the means to change and manage the server.

Additionally, two other options for the operating system, Linux Dedicated Servers, and Windows Dedicated Servers, you can choose from. The selection of the operating system will completely rely on the nature and types of the application that will be utilized, the required level of customization, the hosting cost as well as ease of use. 

It doesn’t matter what type you choose and configurations, one thing will be the same, dedicated hosting requires a considerable investment. Therefore, it is essential to consider all the requirements before jumping to an option.

Situations When You Require Dedicated Server Hosting

Well, there are plenty of situations where you require dedicated server hosting. Some of them are the following. So, let’s have a look at them.

1. Huge Traffic or Large Website:

Having a huge traffic website is the most considerable reason when you require dedicated hosting. In a shared server, you don’t have enough resources to store massive data as well as handle huge traffic. When building your website, you can run out of space, and high traffic levels might force the server to crash, causing your site to go down. Upgrade to a Dedicated Server if you notice a decrease in site performance.

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2. Enhance Page Speed and Uptime:

Due to the lack of resources, it is difficult for your website to welcome new visitors and it also delays download speeds. If you’re utilizing a shared server, it must respond to many different websites, which puts a burden on the server. Using strategies like picture compression, browser caching, delayed JavaScript, and others might not be enough to help you achieve your site speed goals; you may need to move to a dedicated server.

3. Tight Security:

When you handle a number of sensitive data, you should consider the dedicated server. It’s because when numerous sites are stored on the server, it indicates the chances of cyberattacks breaching the server’s security. Your data becomes suddenly more vulnerable if another site is attacked. What are the chances that other websites will follow your lead and follow best practices for website security? With dedicated hosting, you can protect your data and lessen security risks.

4. Customizing the Configuration of Server:

While opting a dedicated server, you will get more options for the configurations. It includes the location of the server and the operating system (OS). You want your server to be close to your main audience so that they can load pages more quickly when it comes to server location. A Linux server, which is the standard for many servers, will satisfy the majority of users. However, a Dedicated Server Hosting enables you to use a Windows server if you desire one.

What are the Charming Benefits to Invest in Dedicated Server Hosting Plans?

A number of charming benefits are associated with dedicated server hosting plans. But, these are my top 5. So, let’s have a look at them!

1. Better Control and Flexibility:

By using dedicated hosting, you will have better control over the server. It’s because you have flexible server configuration options. Everything, including RAM, disk space, and other crucial components, can be managed entirely in accordance with your own requirements.

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2. Administration of Access:

Dedicated server hosting, in contrast to shared hosting, gives you root access, also known as administrative access, which enables you to modify your configurations and plugins to match your unique needs. Simply said, you have the administrative capacity to tailor your hosting and server requirements rather than depending on a “one size fits all” package.

3. Improves Security:

With personalization and exclusivity, dedicated server hosting offers exclusive control and access that maximize your security. In this, you don’t need to share the server space with others, and also the chances of being threatened and malicious attacks will be automatically decreased. 

4. Dedicated IP Address:

Your IP address will be just dedicated to your need as server space which means that due to someone else’s mistake the chances of getting blacklisted or blocked of your IP address will be neglected.

5. Effectively Scalable:

The fact that you choose to move towards a dedicated server because of an increase in website traffic does not mean that you won’t keep growing. Dedicated Server Hosting enables you to change your settings as your website traffic increases to accommodate your changing needs.

Wrap Up:

In this era of the internet, numerous businesses are shifting to the internet. And also, when a business is going to start then it needs a hosting plan to run its website. Well, there are numerous options for the hosting plan. In that case, choosing a better one can be a hassle. So, dedicated server hosting will be an ideal solution. It’s because a dedicated server offers several resources to the website and you don’t need to share them with any other website. Although it provides several key gains to run your website smoothly.

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