Top 5 Differences Between a Cloud Server and a Dedicated Server

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav
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Organizations today have multiple hosting solutions to choose from. With the growth of technology that has been a rapid rise in the types of hosting solutions available in the market. Therefore, hosting your data is no more a complex issue. Companies can easily select their preferred hosting options offered by web hosting providers. If you are a start-up organization then you can either choose between a dedicated server or a cloud server.

This blog discusses the top 5 differences between a dedicated server and a cloud hosting server. With a cloud server, users are not required to buy and maintain hardware and all your technical issues are solved by your efficient hosting provider with ease. A dedicated server allows you to buy and hire servers, software and other various resources you need.

Let’s throw some light on which is the right hosting server for your business and you can consider this blog as a beginner guide to understand the basic differences between a cloud server and a dedicated server:

Top 5 Differences Between a Cloud Server and a Dedicated Server

The Availability:

The hosting solution you select depends a lot on the availability. For example, a cloud server will never let you down and assures 100% guaranteed uptime as well. If there is an issue there are multiple nodes and one of these will take over your traffic load without any hassle. The maximum network uptime for your website is surely the best option for your business and for the running applications.

It is a fact that if you consider a dedicated server, there will be downtime issues and sometimes hardware failure. In these scenarios, you need to wait for the technical support team and avail the support.

Resource Scalability:  

Cloud servers provide you with the option to increase and delete the allotted resources for your web hosting. There are resources like RAM and storage space along with computing cores which can be easily expanded and decreased easily. All these play a vital role in your website performance and make sure that your business runs smooth.   

With dedicated servers, you need to face several rigid stipulations and you may face hefty problems because of resource scaling and more.

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Data Security and Safety Measures:  

It is known to all that cloud servers provide you with the utmost safety and security measures for your data. You can easily trust your hosting provider for the quality services and other IT support you are seeking. With cloud servers, you can expect dedicated round the clock server monitoring and comprehensive IT support and security. Companies can also avail firewall safety and beyond.   

Dedicated server hosting never provides you with complete data security and companies themselves need to take the initiative regarding all safety measures of your business data and other confidential business information.

Hosting Cost:

When you opt for hosting, you need to check your pocket and then go ahead with the plan you want. Cheap Cloud servers are cost-effective because it offers you pay as you get the option. There is a billing meter that keeps on rolling when you are using any resource. The bandwidth, storage space and My SQL storage are bit expensive with but you will definitely find it affordable when you will compare the same with a dedicated server.       

Control on Your Server:  

With the cloud, you may not avail with the utmost control on your server and there are very limited offerings in terms of resources offered by the web hosting provider.

A dedicated server allows you to take over the complete control of your server. Companies can easily add their preferred applications, software programs easily.      

So these were the top 5 Differences between the cloud server and dedicated server. Choose wisely and do an analysis of what best fits your site.

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