Dedicated server- Leveraging enterprise grade technology

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

As the IT world burgeons with latest technology to scale up application workload requirements, organizations need a smart investment and an inclined approach towards imperative architecture.

To power up mission-critical business applications, relying just on the economical options is not the right metric. You need a built in layer of separation and security, seamless access and high performing environment, and for these you need to choose a dedicated server hosting environment.   

When deciding on the hosting model to choose, you need to figure out your organizational needs based on the following parameters-

  1. Do you need to optimize your application performance?
  2. Do you need load balancing and high availability?
  3. Do you require unique storage?
  4. Do you require advanced monitoring?

All the above listed paradigms are well-recognized with their myriad attributes of availing a dedicated server. By customizing your hardware (RAM, RAID, storage capacity and bandwidth), you can strike a balance between sheer hardware performance, load balancing, distinguished application management and advanced server monitoring and maintenance.   

Demystifying the dedicated server

A dedicated server armed with a pool of compute resources, fed by power and connected to the internet, is a system that hosts your website and there you can exploit your own purposes. The processing power, the hard drive space, RAM and operating systems are all yours, and you can manage these resources at your own end. It allows more bandwidth, so you can handle the website visitor’s traffic that counts in thousands or even in millions, impeccably.

A dedicated server is a kind of physical server that can be allotted to a single user and they have complete root access to customize the applications as per their organizational demands.  Here are some characteristics that you can get in dedicated server.    

Enhanced reliability- To ensure the best level of uptime, it is the distinguished choice, because you will get the maximum un-fractional bandwidth. In addition, your web application will get the access to the resources it requires on the spot. Not everyone is a technophile and for that reason they can choose the managed dedicated server in which web host will take care about the server uptime issues and other technical concerns.

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Improved security for online activity- As compared to other type of hosting environment, a dedicated is the most compelling choice as all the resources on the allotted server belongs to you only. This feature makes it more secure and reliable. When combined with concurrent updates and security patches, it adds a strong layer of protection for your online files- including apps and websites.   

Complete control with root access- One of the biggest advantages of relying on dedicated hosting is that it offers greater control over the hosting. However, when the server is solely used by your website, you will be granted much greater access over your server. This supports businesses much more flexibility.  

To sum up the points, every business needs a dedicated hosting platform to solely mange the rapidly scaling application requirements.

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