Dedicated Server -One Complete Solution to Avoid Congestion

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

If you have a well-established brand in the market, thriving on a shared server could hamper your customer base. You could receive congestion, face downtime, and experience down gradation of services at times when the resources won’t match your high traffic demand. In a shared server, your neighboring website might use up most of the processor power or utilize maximum CPU for its own usage; hence creating hindrance in your website’s smooth functioning. Dedicated server hosting could provide you the control and the smoothness that you desire for.

Better Performance: Processor power, memory, CPY utilization, and disk space does not have to be shared with other sites.

Greater Reliability : Risk of slow performance due to server downtime or because of unwanted activities taking place on neighboring sites is out of question here.

Better Security : No one can access your confidential data as server sharing isn’t happening.

Unique IP address : Unique IP address is allotted to your site.

Path up gradation facility : Memory, disk space and processors could be added as per requirement change.

Dedicated server hosting, when compared to other hosting services like VPS hosting or cloud hosting is costly. But, it gives you a better return on investment, if your website experiences high traffic constantly.

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