How to Find a Quality Dedicated Server

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

The dedicated server is essentially a server which is leased out by a company for its exclusive use. Dedicated server is typically the choice of larger businesses, especially e-commerce websites which need unlimited resources like bandwidth and disk space. It is beneficial for large businesses because the client is free to customize the hardware and software to satisfy his business needs. Data access is also quick in dedicated server hosting and it can easily accommodate and managed high volumes of traffic. Besides, a dedicated hosting service will usually guarantee great customer service and a high uptime so that your site is up and running all the time.

Advantages that you can enjoy in dedicated server hosting:

  • The dedicated server will let you create unlimited domains on a single server. For companies which have chains of outlets or contain multiple departments and divisions, this feature is very useful. It is both cost-effective and convenient because every retail outlet does not need to host space on different servers anymore. Moreover, when all the sites are situated on the same server, the point of sale software is uniform and easily customizable. This helps businesses simplify administration and support.
  • In terms of reliability and stability, dedicated hosting plans ensure that there is a 99.9% uptime which means that the site will not face downtime. In case of any technical problem, it is immediately resolved by the tech support teams so that the site never malfunctions, leading to losses in business. The client has complete control over the scripts which will run; the kinds of online activities that will take place etc. In contrast, in shared hosting environments, you are always worried that resources like disk space or bandwidth will be used up by cohabitants.
  • Having an entire server to oneself ensures that you get unlimited storage space for your valuable documents and web pages. Dedicated hosting services guarantee better security compared to shared hosting plans where chances of breaches and attacks by malware are common.
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When choosing  dedicated server hosting, you should ensure that you know exactly what the hosting provider will offer you before you sign up with them. This will help to prevent any kind of unpleasantness in the future in case you are charged additionally for some service which is apparently not included in your contract with the host. Before you choose a host, it is necessary to find out how effective its technical support staff is; whether technical problems get immediate response from the staff. The ease of data management is another useful criterion when choosing a dedicated web hosting provider. This means that ideally the host should offer a platform for the user which is easy to understand and wherein the user can make small changes without needing the help of the host. The host should also provide you with unlimited bandwidth and great loading speed. The rate of transfer of data should be enough to handle large volumes of traffic during peak seasons. When web pages take a lot of time to load, it signals insufficient bandwidth; it is important to choose web hosts which can offer good bandwidth to promote sales.

Finally, you should also consider the costs when choosing a dedicated server hosting provider. You must look beyond the monthly charges and carefully understand what is included in the dedicated hosting plans. A dedicated server is unarguably far more advantageous compared to a shared server but may prove to be costlier.

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